Friday’s Favourite Things: Holidaaay!

This week’s been sort of a prepping week: buying last minute things for Portugal (I’M GOING ON HOLIDAY), packing things for Portugal (HOLIDAAAAY), and choosing books to read in Portugal (DID I MENTION I’M GOING ON HOLIDAY?!).

In case you hadn’t realised, I’m going on holiday next week and I am very excited! You know when you just need to get away from London. Like, I love the city but, god, the transport/people/weather! It just gets a bit much sometimes. So this holiday couldn’t come at a better time, plus it’s one of those holidays where you don’t actually do anything. Which is kind of the best! It’s in the middle of nowhere, but on site has like golf, tennis, mini golf, pool, beach, table tennis. And whenever I think of holidays, I always think of that song from that Rugrats episode! Nope, not the Choco Chocolate Cheese song, or the Toyland song! Damn, there were a lot of songs in it! The Vacation one:

So this Friday’s favourite things is actually more a courtesy message: I’m going to be away for about a week, so I may not be as active on this blog. I’ll post something occasionally, but I’ll be updating my Twitter daily, half holiday snaps and half any theatre news. I may also Instagram some stuff, and if I can be arsed to set up an account, I’ll link it to this page/my twitter, so you can all follow it!

Since I’m somewhat busy with packing/buying stuff/and more packing, I’ve shortened my Friday’s Favourite Things into a compact list 🙂


2) Game of Thrones: on the new season and things are FINALLY heating up (pun half intended, considering Daenerys fun with fire in this week’s episode)! Also taking the first book on holiday to read, which brings me to…

3) Buying books: haven’t read for pleasure in I don’t know how long! I’ve bought my books for holidays, using a gift card my Aunt and Uncle kindly got us for Christmas. It had £30 on! 😀 So I’m reading: Game of Thrones, Amy Poehler’s Yes Please, Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns), and Jessie Burton’s The Miniaturist.

4) The Royals: okay, as with most things on E!, I say I watch it ironically, but I kind of secretly love how trashy it is. Not only does it have 2 blokes off EastEnders, but it’s based on Hamlet. Like, every episode title is a reference to a quote. Which I love. Plus Prince Cyrus is seriously giving me Scar feels! And the script…

The Royals

It’s just so trashy I love it!

5) Avengers Age of Ultron: not as good as the first Avengers, obviously, and it is massively problematic in some respects *cough* Black Widow’s storyline and the fact they cut a Tom Hiddleston scene. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth watching. Plus my old university Royal Holloway was featured! And more Jeremy Renner screen time. And that scene with the hammer. Not the group one. The other one!


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