Friday’s Favourite Things: Maybelline Magic, Mindy and ‘m watching too much TV

I’m back from sunny Portugal, in the lovely, rainy, inevitable train striking London! I keep staring at a postcard I got in Faro which says ‘Wish You Were Here’ on it. YES, YES I DO WISH I WAS THERE.

This week is somewhat bittersweet. It’s my last week part-time before I go full-time as of next Thursday. So on the one hand I’m super excited about getting to hang out and chat work with my friends 5 days a week!

But on the other hand, I’m really going to miss having 5 days off in a row. 😛

Seriously though, very happy to be going full-time in this job. Plus, yaaaay more money to spend on theatre tickets SAVE. I have a problem- I just bought like 4 more sets of tickets!

Here are a few of my favourite things from this week, and most don’t concern holidaying stuff 🙂

Makeup Routine

Heads up: I’ve never really been someone that’s massively into makeup.

It just takes so looong. And if you start doing like smoky eye or winged eyeliner and it goes wrong, you have to start again, but I always smudge it and have to wipe all that off, and then I just can’t be bothered. It’s like doing a colouring-in book: you know when you’ve spent AGES on a drawing, and you accidentally go outside the line? In felt tip pen? It’s feels like that.

But I’ve actually managed to find a basic make up routine that works for me!

Before I went on holiday, I did a shopping spree at Superdrug (seriously, they are so cheap I love it). I’d been using the same Maybelline NY Super Stay 24 hour Concealer Stick for years. No, literally, don’t judge! So I knew I needed to get some more of it, AND they happened to be doing a ‘Buy 3, get the cheapest free’ deal across all makeup, AND you got a free makeup bag chucked in as well!


So I ended up getting two of those sticks and trying something new: Maybelline NY Super Stay 24 hour Micro-Flex Formula Flawless Fresh Foundation. And I thought ‘Maybelline NY Super Stay 24 hour Concealer Stick’ was a mouthful!

I now absolutely swear by this foundation! It’s so quick and easy to put on, it works perfectly with the concealer, AND they actually have it in my skin tone. I’m pretty vampiric looking: white, pale skin that never tans, thanks to my Scottish/Northern Irish heritage. I stand out like a sore thumb in Italy! Anyway, apparently I’m ‘Light Beige’ on their colour spectrum, and it actually provides flawless coverage. LIKE IT SAYS ON THE LABEL!


I finish off with some lip salve (chafed lips are never fun), and Ted Baker peachy lippy with a matching nail varnish. In total it takes me like 5 minutes to do in the morning before work, which is perfect considering I have the attention span of 7 minutes!

Maybelline New York Super Stay 24 hr Foundation– £8.99

Maybelline New York 24 hr Concealer Stick– £5.99

Reading on Holiday

I got to read for pleasure on holiday. For the first time in 5 years!

It felt verrrry strange, not having to finish a 60 page article or read any plays! I even brought a Shakespeare criticism book in case it was too weird! But, yes, I actually got to read something which I didn’t have to write an essay about. Super weird!

As you may have seen in my post Friday’s Favourite Things: Holidaaay!, I’d decided to bring with me:  Game of Thrones, Amy Poehler’s Yes Please, Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns), and Jessie Burton’s The Miniaturist.

I normally never finish books on holiday, and then they inevitably end up staying in the suitcase until my next holiday, when I don’t read them again! It’s a vicious cycle! But this time I actually got through 2 books: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? and Yes Please! And I would definitely recommend both!


Both books are absolutely hilarious and had me laughing out loud. The way Amy and Mindy write is really accessible and I can totally hear what I’m reading in their voices (thank you echoic memory, it’s like listening to the audio book)! It’s really interesting to trace the journey of two successful women in comedy, and each book echoes the other author at points. Plus I’m a tad obssessed with SNL/improv, so learning all about UCB was fascinating!

They’re great for reading if you’re a young twenty-something like me, and Amy comes up with so many great phrases and maxims which I just want to cut out and stick all over my wall:

Creativity is connected to your passion, that light inside you that drives you. That joy that comes when you do something you love. That small voice that tells you, ‘I like this. Do this again. You are good at it. Keep going.’ – Amy Poehler

Time can be your bitch if you just let go of the ‘next’ and the ‘before’ – Amy Poehler


Bingewatching TV

So since i’m starting full-time employment next week, I figure I’m going to have to cut back on TV. Sorry, Big Brother, but you were the first to go. You’re just on constantly and there’s no way I can keep up with you!

But it does mean in the last few days I’ve been trying to catch up on things I’ve been meaning to watch. And here’s my summary:

  • Hells Kitchen USA: I was away for the finale, but it’s SO GOOD. Is there anything better than watching Gordon Ramsay swearing over risotto?
  • Eurovision Song Contest: Again, I was away for this, but yes, even though I knew who won I still watched it. And only for Graham Norton’s amazingly sarcastic commentary!
  • Wayward Pines: caught up on the first 3 episodes. From the first shot with the eye close up, I was like, ‘Okay, so this is Lost, right?’ It’s basically a mixture of Lost, meets Twin Peaks, meets Gravity Falls. It’s weird, and we are getting some answers, but I don’t know if I’m hooked…yet!
  • Orphan Black: I don’t need to explain how amazing this show is. Watch it!
  • Hannibal: been rewatching the last few episodes of Season 2, as Season 3 is starting next week. IT’S SO GOOD, THE CINEMATOGRAPHY, HANNI/WILL, THE ACTING UGH. The best.
  • Game of Thrones: don’t even speak to me about Game of Thrones atm. It’s very problematic. But I’m still watching it.
  • The Royals finale: don’t judge me. It’s Hamlet, so it’s basically research, right…?

So yeah, basically I watch too much TV, and even though I’ve caught up on these, it means I’ve still got waaaay too much stuff to watch. I don’t know how I’m going to keep up my TV addiction!


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