June’s Theatre-Themed Wishlist

Apologies for no usual Monday review: 1) first day full-time yesterday meant all I wanted to do when I got in was sleep! And 2) I haven’t actually seen a show to review!

Well, I mean I saw Puppet Hamlet at The Globe, performed by the amazing Hidden Room Theatre. Basically, it’s Hamlet, but with puppets *duh*: Tiffany Stern found the original text in German, which was then translated into English (well, American English, certain phrases were definitely Americanised), and this was the end result. The puppets/puppeteers were awesome, but it was so bizarre, I’m not even sure how I would review a puppet show!

For my list this Tuesday, I thought I’d try something different and give you Wishlist for June, with stuff from musicals/plays which I want. Even better, because I’ve just started full-time, I might actually be able to afford some of these when pay-day comes 🙂

1) Something Rotten Soundtrack: £10.99 on iTunes


In case you don’t know, I’M GOING TO NEW YORK AT CHRISTMAS! I’m very excited, and basically booked Something Rotten the first day tickets went on sale for December. I’ve heard a few of the songs from the musical already: ‘God, I hate Shakespeare’, ‘Hard to be the Bard’, and ‘Will Power’. When the cast performed on Jimmy Fallon, I basically watched ‘Hard to be the Bard’ on repeat for like a week after! I mean they rhyme ‘damnit’ with ‘iambic’! It’s so good!

Half of me wants to listen to the soundtrack, because what other amazing numbers can they have on there! But the other half of me doesn’t want it spoiled: I heard all of the songs from Book of Mormon before going to see it, and while it meant I could sing along, it also meant a few punchlines/suprises were ruined, especially with ‘Hasa Diga Eebowai’.

2) Spring Awakening Poster: Price Unknown


I have been searching for a Spring Awakening poster from the original on-Broadway for years! This is the only one I’ve found. LOOK HOW MUCH IT SOLD FOR. £108! I don’t have that kind of money to spend on a poster!

What I’ll probably end up doing is getting either: an 8×10 photo, but it’s too small to go with my posters; or I’ll order a reprint of one of the posters I’ve found on Google. Or I may wait until I visit New York, and see if the theatre merchandise stores sell it there!

3) Matilda Tickets: £5 for Under 25s


It’s been in the West End since 2011. It’s transferred to Broadway. AND YET I STILL HAVEN’T SEEN IT!

Like Something Rotten, I’ve heard some of the songs, and I love them. But of course I would, they are by Tim Minchin, so why wouldn’t they be?! So this is top of my list to see this year, plus since they’re only £5 for under 25s, I really have no excuse not to go!

4) Wicked Necklaces: Set of 2 for £13.50

LittleWonderEmporium on Etsy.com
LittleWonderEmporium on Etsy.com

I am a sucker for matching jewellery. I got my friend Cami matching Captain America and Bucky pins last year for Christmas! It’s basically childhood flashback: remember those necklaces you got which were like half a heart or dolphin, one half of which you’d keep and the other you’d give to your bestie!

Anyway, this one is Wicked themed, which makes it even more wicked!

5) World Shakespeare Conference 2016 Ticket: £325!!!

Copyright World Shakespeare Congress
Copyright World Shakespeare Congress

In case you don’t know, I love Shakespeare. Although I’m pretty sure you’ve probably worked that out, considering I’m going to a Shakespeare themed musical and I voluntarily chose to watch a puppet version of Hamlet! I studied Shakespeare during my English BA, and then went on to study it at MA. It’s just so good: the language, the universality, fucking Romeo and Juliet.

So knowing there’s a conference which is going to be spread across the UK, travelling from Stratford-upon-Avon to London, makes me very excited. And the list of seminars/workshops and who’s speaking at them is incredible. AND THEY’RE EVEN DOING A SHAKESPEARE KARAOKE SESSION. WITH BEN CRYSTAL. But yes, £325 make it a tad expensive, so this is the wishiest on my wishlist!


2 thoughts on “June’s Theatre-Themed Wishlist

  1. Oh, the Something Rotten recording is out! Thanks for the info (I live in Singapore by the way). Nice wishlist you have here by the way. Are you attending the West End Live event?


    1. Yep! It was just released in the UK and US yesterday, I believe 🙂 Thanks very much 🙂 I hope I can go to West End Live! But I work weekends, so will have to see about it…


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