Wednesday’s Why Aren’t You…using TodayTix?

Up in London and want to see a show? Thinking of going today or at some point this week? AND you want discounted tickets? It seems a lot to ask, but with TodayTix it’s simple!

Hailed as the Uber of theatre, TodayTix lets you buy last minute tickets to shows on Broadway! And having proved so successful in the US, it’s just launched in the UK for the West End. I’ve heard great things about this app, and after playing around with it for a bit, I get the hype! It’s convenient, cheap and cleverly-thought-of (*totally a phrase*): created by theatre producers for theatre-goers, discounted tickets to some of the most popular shows can be yours with just a few clicks on your phone, thanks to the handy app.


This app works for everyone: if you’re a tourist visiting London for the week, if you spontaneously fancy seeing something after work, or if there’s a show you’ve been dying to see but haven’t been able to afford. It’s particularly great for young people, and actually designed for them:

In their modern theater experience, they were observing troubling trends around them: aging demographics, poor user experience and exceptionally high ticketing fees. Frustrated by the lack of innovation in the theater industry and the challenges they faced as producers selling tickets, [Merritt Baer and Brian M. Fenty] decided to come back to theater full-time to launch TodayTix in 2013. By adding mobile technology and adapting to consumers’ last-minute buying habits, Brian and Merritt hope to not only bring audiences to live theater more often, but also to introduce new and tech-savvy audiences to theater. ‘Our Story’,

By offering tickets at a lower price, reducing fees to £3, and making tickets available to purchase on your phone, Merritt and Brian have made theatre accessible to a whole new generation, not just the ‘tech-savvy’ but also the broke students!


Looking at some of the tickets available this week, you can see Wicked or Bend it like Beckham for only £18, and War Horse or Matilda for £28! There is a £3 booking fee per ticket, but it is cheaper and more legit than trying to get one off a ticket tout. And if there’s a show you want to see, but there are no tickets available at the moment, that’s fine. You can set an alert on the app, and it’ll tell you as soon as there are some.

What’s even better about this app is that you can actually see what seats you’re buying! And not just whether it’s in the Stalls or Dress Circle, but the actual Row and Seat Number! For me, this is a good alternative to which doesn’t tell you what seats you will have in advance. FYI, though, my friend booked tickets to Book of Mormon for us using lastminute, which you can’t currently buy through TodayTix. Also, I am eternally grateful to for that because 1) the tickets were pretty damn cheap (for Book of Mormon), and 2) the seats turned out to be pretty decent, with no restricted view.

So what are you waiting for? I’ve just signed up, and can’t wait to try it out 🙂


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