Thursday’s Tips and Tricks: Watching the Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony, Tonyyyyyys

It’s that time of year again…


Yes, the Oliviers have already been and gone. Not that I remember them. Actually forgot they happened, and just had to look up who won what!

And it’s time we jump across the pond, to celebrate the best and brightest of Broadway!

Instead of sharing my Tips on seeing shows this Thursday, I thought I’d have some fun and do my ‘Tips and Tricks’ on watching the Tonys! N.B. these notes Tips are mainly for any UK residents who’ve decided to stay up to watch/stream it, but anyone can use them!

So, you’ve decided to stay up and watch the Tonys live this year…? Good luck with that! I tried doing it a few years ago and it is great fun! BUT, words of warning: PLEASE don’t do this if you have work on Monday! The show airs Sunday at 7/8c, so 1 a.m. Monday morning UK time…don’t do it bro! But if you have to, you HAVE to have a plan in place to survive the night!

And here are my helpful tips, AND from experience!

‘Food, glorious fooood’


You’re going to need energy/sugar/caffeine and lots of it. You don’t want to be caught half way through and having to dash out to your local 24 hour Tesco! You could miss anything! Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical, Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Role in a Play, Special Tony Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Theatre. Phew, those were mouthfuls! OR A DUET BETWEEN HOSTS KRISTEN CHENOWETH AND ALAN CUMMING!  Anything could happen.

‘I’m in the mood for dancing’

Book of Mormon/Via
Book of Mormon/Via

You’ve got a whole weekend to prep for the Tonys, so enjoy it!

Pop your iPhone on the musical genre and just hit repeat! Have a good old sing-song/dance as you get ready for the big night. Although if you do live in a flat upstairs, perhaps give the routines from Stomp or that crazy tap dance sequence from Anything Goes a miss!

If you live in the US, you can watch previous Tony Awards online and via iTunes to get you in the mood! And if you’re in the UK, unfortunately you can’t wait them but…*COUGH* they’re available on YouTube *COUGH*

If you’re around the West End or Broadway, why not see a musical? Check TodayTix,, or with the theatre themselves to see if there are any returns or Day Seats available (like I recommended last week!) And if you are in the West End, I can’t recommend The Theatre Cafe enough. Great food, great music (they’ve just downloaded Something Rotten soundtrack), AND Saturday is open mic night!

‘You ain’t never had a friend like me!’


Watch it with a group of friends. By all means watch it yourself: I have done before, and there’s something magical about sitting and watching the Tonys in bed, trying not to sing along and wake up your flat mates!

But there is safety in numbers: if you find yourself struggling to stay awake, you can take a nap, and have your friend wake you up for the important ones. Although I can’t promise you won’t wake up with something drawn on your head.

You can even make it an event. Have a Tony evening! Have everyone dress up as their favourite character from a show, or even a show itself. My friend came to a Halloween party a few years ago as Jaws. It was amazing! Come up with cocktails named after nominated shows. Have a sweepstake on who you think will win. Give out awards at the end of the evening! My personal favourites: drinking games and bingo. Come up with your own moments to drink to or score something off on your sheet. In true Blue Peter fashion, here’s one I made earlier:


‘Another opening, another show’

And it’s time! Another opening of another Tonys show!

Grab your popcorn, grab your phone to live-tweet, grab the comfiest seat on the sofa and enjoy!

The Tony Awards airs Sunday 7th June at 8/7c, only on CBS. For international viewers, check with your TV providers.


2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Tips and Tricks: Watching the Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony, Tonyyyyyys

  1. LOL @ the Aladdin GIF. Somehow quite apt because the Genie won the Tony last year haha. Cool, I didn’t know that you could watch the Tonys live in the UK… The time difference is one major drawback though. In Singapore, the time difference is 12 hours so I get to see it the following morning live. I have work, though, so that means… you know what I mean. =D


    1. Exactly! And can’t wait until Aladdin transfers to the West End! I did one year, but think they’ve stopped doing it live…but there are ways 😉
      Ahh, I know what you mean! 😀 Can’t wait to hear what you think of the Tonys!


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