Friday’s Favourite Things: iPads, Invites and I-love-sleeeep!

Writing this on train home from work, squeezed in between two business men who don’t seem to understand the concept of personal space. So excuse any typos! Plus, when I’m editing this, I’ll probably be catching up on Big Brother or Wayward Pines. So my attention may not be 100% on this! (EDIT: Chloe and Simon are having a massive row! So yes, my attention is definitely torn between this and Big Brother)

This week has been really fun thus far! First week full time, and yes it is a tad stressful adjusting to week-pace vs. weekend-pace. But it’s good to be in, plus spending more time with some awesome people always helps!

I’ve had a few favourite personal moments from this week: starting full time, got some more National Entry Pass Tickets, plus I’m VERY excited for the Tonys! But here are some more general ones 🙂

I HAVE AN iPad!!!

Okay, so I don’t actually HAVE an iPad, per say, but have an iPad which I’m borrowing.

Turns out my Dad doesn’t need his so much any more, half because he’s retiring and half because he’s enthralled with a new touch screen laptop/tablet thing. So he’s letting me borrow his!


This is really going to help with drafting blog posts on the way to/from work. My current routine on the train is getting myself a seat facing forward, popping my music on and closing my eyes, so nobody asks me to give up my seat! And don’t worry, my music is very quiet, literally 1 or 2 on the volume control. I’m not one of those twats with dubstep pumping out of headphones…mainly because most of my songs are from musicals, and most musicals fortunately don’t have dubstep. Although Wicked certainly could work with dubstep:

It’s time to trust my insticts,

Close my eyes, and..


First ever press invite!

I’ve been invited to review a show coming up next month. And it’s my first press night. Not gonna lie. I am very excited!

Thick as Thieves are doing a production of The Tempest, but with a difference. They’re only using 4 actors!


I’ve only ever seen Shakespeare done with casts of 8 or more, not including the Reduced Shakespeare Company, but that’s different! So seeing how it works with multiple characters and multiple character changes will be very interesting! Here’s some information from their website:

The Tempest will sweep into Islington accompanied by some of outdoor theatre’s finest elements: relentless energy, breakneck costume changes, real foliage…and the best part is, you won’t need your umbrella.

Considering most of my summer theatre tickets will be outdoor, I am looking forward to seeing something inside for a change! Plus I won’t get wet…hopefully…unless the tempest scene is very immersive!

So I’ll let you all know what I think once I’ve seen it. And if you’d like to watch it for yourself, here are the details.

Thick as Thieves will be performing The Tempest, from the 30th June to the 18th July 2015, at The Hope Theatre, Islington. Tuesday-Saturday at 7.45pm, and Saturday Matinees at 3.30pm. Tickets are £14 for adults, and £12 for concessions.


As I mentioned before, I’m starting full time. And, I’ve noticed one thing…BOY DO I NEED MY SLEEP!

8 hours at least, please! Before going full time, I enjoyed the occasional lie in. But now, I have to get up at 6 a.m. most mornings, so bye bye lie ins! So, logically, it means I have to go to bed earlier. Which is great, because when I get in from work, I can’t wait to go to bed.


Evening plans used to be: out for dinner/show, get in, catch up on TV, catch up on internet shows, get to sleep at like 2 a.m.

Now my evening plans are much less exciting: get home, shower/bath, eat dinner, bed. All by like 10 p.m.

And I’ve actually been able to get to sleep! Getting rid of the blue light from TV and laptop screens has really helped. My eyes aren’t as alert when I’m in bed, I lie down and *touch wood* normally get to bed in like 1 hour. So my sleeping patterns have really improved, in only like a week.

So, yes, a silly ‘favourite thing’, but I actually love sleep. Somewhat worried what will happen come Tuesday and I actually have a lie in…



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