Thursday’s Tips: A Father’s Day He’ll Love, Thanks to LOVEtheatre

Father’s Day is right round the corner…seriously, it’s this Sunday…how did that even happen?!

And it always falls quite close to my Dad’s birthday, which makes it harder to think of presents. It’s like, I’ve just given you awesome ones for your birthday, and NOW I have to do it all over again. In the space of like 3 weeks?! So unfair.

But this year, I’ve been quite clever or cruel, depending on how you look at it! I got my Dad some rather lowkey birthday presents: guidebooks for our trip to New York, golfing stuff, and a mini Shakespeare wind-up toy. And this is because I’m getting him an awesome Father’s Day present. I won’t tell you, because he know I have a blog, but it is something theatre related…

So this Thursday’s Tips is in aid of Father’s Day, and what you can get for a Dad who loves the theatre as much as you! And you’re just in luck, because LOVEtheatre has tons of deals for Father’s Day, and I’ve provided some recommendations for where to eat nearby too!


LOVEtheatre has you covered for the best Father’s Day theatre deals in town! Musicals, plays, concerts, magic and experiences, they have it all!

There’s a lot of great deals to choose from, so I’ve narrowed them down to what kind of Dad they’re best for, AND even provided a list of restaurants nearby, so you can grab a pre-theatre dinner!

For the Crooner: Sinatra- The Man and The Music

LOVEtheatre deal: £17


Does your Dad like the The Good Life? Has he got High Hopes for Father’s Day, but you can’t quite afford to Fly him to The Moon? Then don’t do Something Stupid– treat your Dad to Sinatra- The Man and the Music!

…okay, I’ll stop with the Sinatra puns.

Coming to the London Palladium this July to October, Sinatra- The Man and the Music is a multi-media concert experience. Combining footage of Frank, live dances AND a 24 piece orchestra performing some of his greatest songs, this concert will put a smile on any Sinatra fan or music lover in general!

LOVEtheatre already has some great meal deals for this show, including tickets to the show, a 3 course lunch at The Ritz and a glass of champagne.

But if you fancy something a bit less, well, expensive I’d recommend Browns Mayfair. A 4 minute walk from The London Palladium, it does provides grand experience and great British food, but for a fraction of the price.


For the obsessed-with-Dad-Jokes: Whose Line is it Anyway? Live

LOVEtheatre deal: Tickets were £58, now £47.50


If you want to take your Dad to something which will have him rolling in the aisles with laughter, then look no further!

Whose Line is it Anyway? is coming to the Adelphi Theatre for 2 weeks only, and with most of the original British cast. With Colin Mochrie, Josie Lawrence, Greg Proops, Brad Sherwood and original host Clive Anderson all returning, this looks like it’ll be a hilarious evening!

For those of you too young to remember or who didn’t watch it on Dave religiously during your teens, Whose Lines is it Anyway? was one of the first major improv TV shows. Performers would take part in group improv games, including classics such as Hoedowns, Backward Scenes, Number of Words, and the eponymous Whose Line? It proved so successful that it spawned a US spinoff, which was recently renewed for a whole new set of episodes!

It’s sure to be hilarious and a great evening out. And if you’re peckish before hand, I recommend heading to Belgo Centraal. A 10 minute walk from the Adelphi Theatre, this Belgian themed restaurant does amazing food! I suggest the Moules Mariniere pot, followed by a pancake which you can make your way! Plus, they sometimes have deals available on other sites like TimeOut; I got a moules pot, frites and a glass of bubbly for £10 last time I went!


For the finer-things-in-life: The View from the Shard and a Glass of Champagne

LOVEtheatre deal: £32.95


Great for a lover of the good life. Not so much for those with vertigo!

If you want to treat your Dad to an experience he’ll remember, take him to the Shard. Offering a view like no other, you’ll get to see London from 800ft up in the air. Literally above the clouds! Assigned a specific time slot, you’ll be able to take in the sights of the city while enjoying a glass of champagne.

I’ve been to a few high viewing platforms, but none as high up as this. And from my friends who’ve done this for Mother’s Day or birthdays, they’ve absolutely loved it!

If you fancy dining with the gods, the Shard boasts 3 restaurants: Aqua, Oblix and Hutong. Here’s one of my best friend’s review of the Oblix, and it sounds okay. But if your stomach’s turning a bit after the dizzy heights, I’d recommend eating slightly closer to the ground. Within a 10 minute walk is The Real Greek Bankside, which does great food and really quick service! Or pop into The Swan, the Globe’s onsite restaurant, with lovely views of the Thames and classic British food including posh fish and chips, and Eton mess.


Notable Mentions:

For the Film Fanatic: The 39 Steps

Hitchcock, hijinks and heroes at the Criterion Theatre! LOVEtheatre deal: only £10.

For the Would-Be-Jedi: Madame Tussauds and Star Wars Experience

Featuring possibly the ultimate Father or Vader, now you can relive the iconic moments from Star Wars. LOVEtheatre deal: £25.

For the Sport Enthusiast: Freddie Flintoff: 2nd Innings

Memorieeees, but not the kind from Cats. Freddie Flintoff tells all about his time in Cricket, celebrating 10 years since the historic 2005 Ashes England win. LOVEtheatre deal: £30.50.


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