The 25 Stages of Leaving Essays to the Last Minute

Only one more week, and I’ll have been working full-time for a month!

And I’m still adjusting to not having any university work to do…even though it’s been 6 months since graduation!

So being somewhat nostalgic, for this week’s list I thought I’d spare a thought for those students who are submitting their final essays! This time last year, I had 3 essays to edit, 2 to write, and a Dissertation to start. So it’s a busy time. And sometimes students can leave writing essays to the last minute…okay, most of the time!

And we all know how that feels! And if you don’t, here are the 25 Stages of Leaving Essays to the Last Minute, told in musical theatre gifs 🙂

1) At the start of the year, you were so positive:

A Very Potter Musical
A Very Potter Musical

2) It’s the final term: you’ve been to most of the seminars, none of the lectures, just realised you had a library, and have an essay due in 3 weeks:

Spring Awakening/Via
Spring Awakening/Via

3) But luckily, it’s not just you! Your classmates are similarly fucked.


4) Let’s do this! First, picking what to write about. You look at the suggested list, and realise you haven’t read any of the texts:


5) Okay, so just pick your favourite playwright, Shakespeare, it’s easier to write about something you love, right?


6) 1 week in later:


7) RESEARCH TIME! And some of the essays are available online!


8) Ah, but you have to use the internet…which has a lot of distractions:


9) NO, NOT PORN. Like, YouTube and stuff! Only one thing to do:


10) Reading: DONE. Research: DONE. Time to come up with an approach:


11) Or maybe not. Okay, maybe just come up with the opening line. Ummm…


12) Aaaand, writer’s block:


13) AND now you’ve hit a wall:


14) And you just want to give up:

Spring Awakening/Via
Spring Awakening/Via

15) But with encouragement from your friends (and lots of coffee), you push through!


16) 2,000 words in. Your friend suggests you take a break, drown your sorrows together:




18) And you think it’s just you now:

on my own

19) And somehow you only have one day left:

Les Miserables 2012

20) You’re not going to finish this on time AND have time to print, so you head on to campus to work there. And look what you find:

aq aq 1 

21) TIME FOR AN ALMIGHTY all-nighter. People work better, at night, right?!


22 ) NEARLY THERE, 4,900 words…but the minimum word count is 5,000. Looks like you’re going to have to do a bit of padding up:


23) And as 8 am rolls by, your friend arrives and offers to proofread:


24) And it’s lucky she did. You’ve spelled the title character’s name wrong throughout!


…instead of Hamlet!

25) You click submit, and that’s it! YOU’VE FINISHED!

Book of Mormon/Via
Book of Mormon/Via

2 thoughts on “The 25 Stages of Leaving Essays to the Last Minute

  1. Yet another hilarious installment! I cannot believe I saw this the moment my computer account was restored! (Some bugger disabled my account by entering the wrong password too many times a couple of days ago, if you read my blog post on Monday.) Double joy for me now!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks 🙂 Ugh, that’s so annoying- yeah saw that had happened. I got locked out of my computer at work the other day…sucks! But yay, at least it’s working for you now 🙂


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