A Few of My Favourite Things: The Awesome Edition

A quick Friday favourites this week. Literally writing this up on my way back from work and dinner with Anna!

It’s been a nice week, if a bit long! My friend from work said earlier today: ‘It’s Tuesday, right?’ And I was like 90% sure it was for a second!

Anyway, on to Friday favs! And this week is looking at the totally awesome and slightly less awesome stuff I’ve been getting up to: the varying degrees of awesomeness, I guess.


Totally Awesome Harry Potter News!

Woke up to amazing news this morning: they’re doing a Harry Potter play!

In case you couldn’t tell from last week’s Friday’s Favourite Things, I freakin’ love Harry freakin’ Potter.

I was a bit late to the whole Harry Potter craze, and only started reading them around the time that Half Blood Prince came out. But once I started I couldn’t stop. And I would ALWAYS know when the new books were due out. Mainly because it was always the day we were going on holiday, and I was terrified I wouldn’t be able to get it at Gatwick!


So yes, they’re doing an official play. It’s called Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, so I would assume it’s about Harry and his young life, i.e. the events that lead up to his parents death and his life with the Dursleys. Although I am tempted to speculate it could be about young Voldemort, aka Tom Riddle, as the title seems a bit odd if it’s about Harry. Grammatically, Harry Potter AND the Cursed Child implies the cursed child isn’t Harry Potter but someone else. But it is probably to be in keeping with the book titles, and maybe we’ll have a change in name before it enters previews…

Am somewhat sad that it’s not about the Marauders, and that time period. Because I need a version of that at some point. *COUGH* TV series, please.

It’s not the first time Harry Potter had taken to the stage: Potted Potter has been going strong for a few years, playing all around the world. But my favourite unofficial stage adaptation is A Very Potter Musical, starring a very curly haired Darren Criss before Attack of the Hair Gel…I mean Glee. Seriously. Watch AVPM. And the sequel. And the prequel. Basically watch it all!


Pretty Awesome Postcards

All bloggers like their blogs to look pretty. Visually interesting content, cool pictures, and things you can use in the background of shots.

You may have seen on my Twitter earlier this week that I found some AMAZING postcards. And they would look really pretty in like some promo shots.

I may have gone a bit overboard in my enthusiasm.

No I didn’t by ‘all of them’…but I did buy bought 10 of them!

In my defence, it was the best deal. They were 79p each or 10 for £6. So really I saved money…it was totally a thrifty purchase…right…?

I’m also tempted to buy some business cards for Thrifty Theatre. I’ve had a few more Press Invites come in recently, and had to exchange info like name/email etc. And when I go to these Press Nights, I may ‘have to’ network. I say ‘have to’ because normally I find socialising exhausting! But this kind I am very excited about. Talking to other bloggers/critics about shows and stuff: amazing!

So yes, I may try and get some business cards sorted…well designed first! And keep an eye out for all 10 postcards popping up in future posts!


Slightly Less Awesome TV Addiction

There are 2 BBs in my life. Big Brother and Breaking Bad. Pretty sure BB is an acronym for something weird…anyway…!

And on my days off, I’ve basically been binge watching everything, but mostly these two shows. Why? Because I have no life 😛


Big Brother is something that I hate that I love, but it is so addictive. And once Helen from last year came in, well, it made me want to switch off. But she is just so bad, I kind of can’t stop watching. Like a car crash. Don’t want to watch but you can’t look away (pretty sure that’s a Weird Al lyric).

Breaking Bad I am less ashamed off watching. Except I do feel slightly ashamed in how long it’s taken me to get round to watching it properly!

I’ve watched the first 3 or 4 series before, but had to take a break because of my Masters and actually having to do work! So I’m rewatching it on my days off, and it’s so good! Unfortunately, it’s also super sad: it’s like Jesse, you think this is bad…oh honey…

Finally, very excited because the new series of Orange is the New Black is on Netflix, but trying to find the time to watch it is haaard. I have just found out how much holiday I have for the rest of the year though, so am very tempted to take 2 days off and binge all of series 3. So watch this space!



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