Confessions of a Twenty-Something Drama Queen

I’m not a Drama Queen. Well, I mean I can be, but only if something really pisses me off. Or something seems really stupid. Okay, so basically if I’m in a bad mood generally!

The kind of Drama Queen I’m talking about is someone obssessed with drama. And not of the personal/gossip/relationship drama. The theatrical kind. Although I don’t think I’d be the Drama Queen. I love the theatre but don’t go nearly as often to qualify the status of Queen. Maybe I’m like a Drama Courtier…

Anyway, today’s list is my confessions about certain musicals, plays and the theatre in general.

And yes, as I’m writing this, Usher’ Confessions II is playing on repeat in my head.


I have never seen Phantom of the Opera.


Sorry, Chowkimwan, I’ve only ever seen clips from it. But, as of yet, I haven’t got round to watching it.


I have never seen Cats.


And I don’t have any particular desire to.


I have never seen Les Mis live.


Every time I consider going, I look at the price and am like, ‘Why would I pay that much for something I’ve got on DVD?’ Plus, to quote Something Rotten: THERE’S NO TALKING!


Or Lion King.


I caught some of the opening number while interviewing at The Lyceum for an ATG role. I say ‘caught’, they started rehearsing just as the interviews started. And all I heard was: AHHHHHHSEGQENCHAAAABABABABEEEECH.


I think Spring Awakening is seriously underrated.


A musical which really speaks to a younger generation, has amazing and moving songs, and awesome staging. WHY IS THERE NOT A REVIVAL?


And Billy Elliot is seriously overrated.


Didn’t mind the film. Didn’t particularly like the musical, though it’s probably because I was stuck at the back of the Stalls, and couldn’t see half of it…I think there was a staircase at one point…but don’t ask me what/where it led to!


I don’t particularly like Andrew Lloyd Webber for some reason.


And I don’t know why. I think it might be because I watched too many of his Muscal Talent Searches when I was too young to audition for them. That and he seems a bit smug.


I’m excited but also worried about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.


1) I’m still not over the fact it’s not a prequel, and won’t be about the Marauders, and 2) I’m worried about the effect it will have on the canon.


I still can’t believe they made a Spiderman musical.


Why…why would you put money into that project…? Especially since we’ve already had the best/worst Spiderman thing out there: Spiderman 3. And nothing will ever top that.


I’m somewhat hesitant about Benedict Cumberbatch as Hamlet.


Don’t get me wrong: I love Benny, and think he is very talented. I saw him as Frankenstein (the doctor, not the monster, because Frankenstein is the DOCTOR’S name), and he was amazing. But David Tennant is Hamlet in my eyes. But I think I’ll be pleasantly surprised.


I don’t like unnecessary additions to classic plays.


I’m looking at you Trafalgar Studio’s Richard III, starring Martin Freeman. Why. Add. Richard. Killing. His. Wife. Also, looking at you Shakespeare’s Globe: yes, add jigs and pre-shows. But not when the pre-show gains more attention/criticism than the rest of the show *cough* Measure for Measure *cough*


I don’t mind Hollywoodizations of musicals.


Some people are very critical of Hollywood adapting musicals for the screen. But it does make musicals/shows available to a wider, international audience. And I think it can work really well when done right, for example, The Producers. Featuring the original Broadway leads and deliberately making the cinematography resemble watching something on stage, it managed to keep the theatrical element at the heart of the film. Plus, without Hollywood, we would never have gotten the amazing clusterfuck that was the Mamma Mia film. Which I love, fyi.


Having said that, I am still not over Julian Fellowe’s version of Romeo and Juliet.


I watched the first two minutes and was like, ‘NO NO NO NO NO NO NO, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE’. They cut the prologue. And changed half the lines, updating them to modern English thus discarding both iambic pentameter and the subsequent poetry they convey. WHYYYYYY? Plus, we can’t improve upon perfection: Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 Romeo + Juliet is the best screen version of the play. End of.


I’m not keen on the opposite: musical versions of popular movies.


Yes, they can work well. Hell, I even did a blog on how amazing American Psycho was yesterday. But look how many stage adaptations of Hollywood movies we have coming out this/next year: Hunger Games live show in London, Groundhog Day musical, Back to the Future musical. I could go on. Rather than recycling established/famous movies into musicals, we should be embracing new writing of plays and musicals. I mean what’s next…a Minions musical?! Oh shit, actually forget I said that, it’ll just give them more ideas!


And finally, I will never understand how charging £152.50 for one ticket is fair.


Yes, Book of Mormon, I’m looking at you. Yes, you are an amazing musical. But you are not worth £152.50. That is more than I make in a day. Plus, this is the 21st century: we should be encouraging affordable theatre for everyone. And yes, you offer £20 tickets in a lottery which is a good step. But having top tier prices at £152.50 is just ridiculous.


8 thoughts on “Confessions of a Twenty-Something Drama Queen

      1. And… Phantom. Yea you should catch at least a bootleg of the Broadway or West End production. As for ALW, I can understand when people don’t like him. Some of his music can be quite trashy haha.


      2. Yeah- I’ve got the film version ready to watch, but going to try and catch West End version too. Yeah- he’s done great things for the industry, but some of the music! 😉


      3. What??? No, not the film version. That one is horrendous. I’d rather you watch the DVD of the 25th. WAY Better. By trashy music, I mean Starlight Express and half of Cats, for example. His recent works are not remarkable either.


      4. Ha! Thanks for the recommendation! Only know the film version because it’s got what’s her name from Shameless. But I can borrow 25th from someone I know, so will do that. Ah yes- Starlight Express. And Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat- very cheesy songs, but sort of suits it really!


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