Friday Favs: Spring Awakening, Summer Clothes and Autumn Plans

This week has been pretty good. Well, apart from falling down a flight of stairs and doing my ankle, back and other ankle in, it’s been alright!

I had the house to myself for the first part of the week, which only means one thing…

Singing musical soundtracks at the top of my voice

So with a limited run of 2 nights only, my neighbours were treated to a medley of classics: Wicked, Oliver, The Producers, and of course Spring Awakening. And as an added bonus, Elpheba with a cockney accent! Because apparently going from singing ‘It’s A Fine Life’ into ‘Defying Gravity’ meant I changed the song, but kept the accent!

I say ‘of course Spring Awakening‘, because there’s been quite a bit of hype surrounding the show this week. And here’s why…


Spring Awakening Revival

In case you couldn’t tell from my fervent tweeting…





If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I’ve been banging on about wanting a Spring Awakening revival for the last few months. And it’s actually happening! And yes, I’m totally putting it down to me going on about it so much!

If you haven’t seen Spring Awakening, watch it! It’s number 2 in my top 10 shows atm, and you can watch it online *COUGH* YouTube *COUGH* This revival/transfer is by DeafWest, and what’s great about this production is its being performed in both English and American Sign Language, bringing this musical to an even wider audience. Needless to say, I can’t wait to see Totally Fucked signed!

So this has totally cheered me up this week, and I literally can’t wait to watch it!


Summer Clothes

I don’t like getting my summer clothes out too early on. Generally because every time I do, the sun promptly disappears for the next 2 months! But it’s been out long enough that I’m hoping it’s here to stay.

And that means it’s time for a summer wardrobe clear out. And, even better, shopping for new summer wardrobe. Hello, Primark and H&M! Maybe even New Look! I’ve got all my shorts sorted for summer and they are comfy as fuck! I have 1 pair from Primark for like £8 which are amazing. T-shirt wise, H&M is my friend. I tend to sweat a bit, tmi I know, but H&M’s tops are very durable and not too tight around the boobs, again tmi I know.


The only slight downside is that shopping for my work wardrobe is slightly less fun. My official colours for my uniform are black, white and red. Unfortunately, most places don’t do many dresses which are 1) black, or 2) if they are black, day dresses. The only ones I can find say less work and scream more PARTYYY! So that leaves me with white dresses, which will stain. Or red, which is and not very flattering on me, a bit attention grabbing on the train, and subtle for work!

But I’m looking forward to doing some shopping. I literally haven’t been since starting full time, I’ve been so busy/exhausted! So I’ve booked my holiday off next week, and can’t wait to have some retail therapy!


Autumn Plans

I don’t know why, but I’ve had really strong wanderlust this year.

It could be the fact I’ve finished university for now, and kind of want a break away before choosing my next career move.

Or it could be that I’m working full time and would like to be anywhere else other than work!

Not that I dont like my job. Just that I’d like a change of scene.


So to quench it, I’m hoping to get away with some uni friends. Unfortunately, it’s not going to happen this summer. Because apparently all the holiday is booked off on the days we can do, and more than 1 person can’t take it off. Despite there being like 10 of us in. I’m not bitter…AT ALL.

I was thinking of a city break somewhere in Europe for a few nights. Amsterdam seems a lovely place, and it’s come highly recommended from a friend…pun intended! I’ve never been to Spain so maybe Madrid, though to be honest it’s not on my Bucket List to visit. Oh my god…just realised it’s called a bucket list. Because it’s stuff to do before you kick the bucket…


But the top runner at the moment is Italy. And I’m thinking either Rome, Venice or Verona.
Ever since a customer at work misheard my name as Verona, I’ve sort of been obsessed with going there. And by obsessed I mean checking daily. I don’t know why I haven’t thought of going before. It ticks all the boxes! In Italy, my favourite country: CHECK. A place to do with Shakespeare: CHECK.

And that’s it! That’s all it needs to do.

Plus, it’s where Romeo and Juliet is set, so I HAVE to go at some point!


So those are my favourite things from the week. Any thoughts on Spring Awakening revival, or suggestions for holiday destinations?



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