‘If I had a little money…’ July’s Wishlist

Had an amazing evening yesterday, watching High Society with some friends from work.

And it was sensational! What a swell party indeed! Only sad I couldn’t have gone to one of the High Society themed evening performances, where everyone dressed up for them. Expect to see my review of the show Wednesday or Thursday.


Apologies for lack of post yesterday: been struck with a cold/fluey thing, and writing coherent in sentences would not have happened yesterday. It’s barely doable today! I don’t understand how it’s July and I have a cold. AND on my days off. How is that fair. Seriously, how is that possible? Although having said that, half the train on the way into work has been coughing all week, so should have anticipated catching it.

Anyway, since I’m a little down and out of action with this cold, I’ve pretty much just spent the day watching stuff on E! which is my go-to-guilty-pleasure. That and looking at pretty stuff I want online. Unfortunately, it’s a week or two until pay cheque time, so I thought I’d compile them into a little list. And then once I actually have money, I can buy one or two. Or all!

So here is my Wishlist for July.


1) We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, by Karen Jow Fowler: £3.85, Amazon

2) Tickets to American Idiot the Musical: from £15, Love Theatre

3) Red Embroidered African Print Playsuit: £19.99, Newlook

4) Black Floral Print Double Ankle Strap: £11, Newlook

5) Ooh La La Pouch: £20, Alphabet Bags

6) Parks and Recreation Poster: £6.64, Etsy

7) The IT Crowd Pencil Set: £4.00, La La Land


3 thoughts on “‘If I had a little money…’ July’s Wishlist

    1. Well, surprisingly there are £15 ones left in August- and they are the slips of Dress Circle. So restricted view, but I mean it’s £15 and as long as I can hear it! 😛

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