Friday’s Favourite Things: Hamlet, Holiday and Hannah Gale

It’s been a funny old week, mainly because I’ve had a few days off for the first time in forever.

And yes, I have been wandering round the house singing that to myself all week!


Having some time away from work is always nice, plus it allowed me to dedicate some more time to blogging, and a possible project I’ve got coming up…all will be revealed Monday!

It’s also been a bit of a momentous week, because as of today, I’ve officially been in my job for a year!


Yes, A YEAR! I can’t quite believe it myself!

I would say here to another year on, but I never know where I’ll be this time next year…could still be here, could be starting PhD, could be blogging full time, or doing something completely different!

So it’s been a pretty good week! And here are a few more of my favourite things from this week.






YES A YEAR! Seriously getting good use out of that gif today!

So I was considering doing another piece about getting tickets on day during the summer holidays, seeing as how popular my previous blog on Day Seats proved. I was looking on the Barbican’s Hamlet website for information about their scheme, and I thought I’d click the ‘Check Availability’ button and see that horrible message:

There is no availability for Hamlet at present

Wow, didn’t quite mean for that to be that big, but I love how dramatic it looks.

Anyway, but instead of seeing that, I saw dates. Which had availability. Seriously, like every date was free! And I actually managed to get tickets, and pretty decent ones at that. Or at least I hope they’re decent, I’ve never been to the Barbican before, but they’re middle row of Stalls, so fingers crossed!


I then did what any blogger would do: first, secretly message my Twitter peeps who I knew needed tickets, and then do a big old shout out on Twitter to let everyone else know.

And yes, I have been saying, ‘I can’t afford going to any more shows this month’. But it’s Benny! And Hamlet! The tickets were not cheap, annoyingly. But you can’t put a price on happiness…okay, so you can and apparently it’s £62.50.

Holidaaaay: Edinburgh!

Photo from


I used to go quite often when I was a kid to visit my Gran and Grandpa, and probably too young to get most of the jokes! But I haven’t been in about 5 years, since my grandparents moved down from Edinburgh.

So for the last few years, I’ve been desperate to go. But trying to find dates which work with everyone AND spending too much time umm-ing and ahhh-ing means normally it never happens. But apparently organising it at the last minute is the best way of doing this, as now 2 of my best friends and myself are going! And in like 2 weeks!


While we’re there we’re fitting in as much stuff as possible, not just shows, but some sightseeing too, as my friends have never been before. And as I mentioned in Wednesday’s blog, that will involve Harry Potter related spots but also some actual historic sites. I feel like New York will take a similar course: see a few historic must-do things, but mainly film/TV spots. And yes that means Elf, Friends and Enchanted!

So Edinburgh will be great fun, aaaand that certain announcement next week may or may not concern that trip…!

Hannah Gale


This is one of my favourite blogs out there at the moment. And it’s by the lovely Hannah Gale.

It’s not a theatre one, but a lifestyle blog which covers loads: from clothes, to holidays, to cringeworthy school discos/trends!

Engaging, funny and easy to read a few of before bed, Hannah has a great tone to her writing and it really speaks for the 20 something generation. She also discusses more serious topics, such as her experience with anxiety and depression, and it’s refreshing to read someone discuss it with such honesty.


I’ve fallen behind on reading them recently, mainly because when I get in, all I want to do is watch something on TV then bed immediately after! Livin’ la vida loca, or what! But there are some really great ones to catch up on, particularly the piece on Primark’s Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection.

If you haven’t read any of her stuff before, I’d recommend looking back at some of her lists, which are always good for a laugh!


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