EdFringe Project: aka I’M GOING ON AN ADVENTURE!

As some of you may have read in Friday’s blog, I’m going to EdFringe this year. And as others of you may have read on Twitter, I am very excited about this!

But I’m not just treating it as a holiday No, this year I’m also treating it as a project, dar I say challenge!

In case you couldn’t tell from the MASSIVE words sprawled across the top of this page, my blog is called Thrifty Theatre Thinker. And if I’m thrifty by name, I must be thrifty by nature! So I thought to myself: ‘if I’m going to do the Fringe, surely I should do it in the the thriftiest manner ever?!’

So drum roll please for big announcement…


That’s right, 24 hours! Well, even less technically. Only 15 hours!

I’m calling it my EdFringeBinge: cramming as many shows as possible into 15 hours as possible! And, as such, I’ll be using the unique #EdFringeBinge in the run up to and during the Fringe, to keep all you lovely lot updated!


And, also rather exciting, I’m doing it as a trial feature for A Younger Theatre, which is pretty awesome!

Any questions? Good! Then read on…


When are you going?

The trip itself is across 3 days, but we’ll only be at the Fringe for 15 hours of that.

We’ll be travelling up late on Sunday 9th August, getting into Edinburgh at 7.30am Monday, and leaving that evening at 10.30pm to get back London early Tuesday morning. And yes, that means I am leaving for Edinburgh pretty much straight from work. I feel like that day’s work won’t be very productive, as I’ll be too excited to actually do anything!


Who’s ‘we’?

I’ll be going up with 2 of my best friends from university: Cami and Jas.


And yes, they will hate me for using that picture. But I love it!

It’s always hard to find a time to get away altogether, what with full time jobs and the like. And whenever we pre-plan something, we can never find dates we can all do! So last week I thought: why not literally do a last minute holiday in like 2 weeks? And somehow everyone could make it!


EdFringe? In one day?! Why on earth are you doing this?!

There are 2 reasons really:

1) My experience will serve as a helpful guide for people wanting to do the Fringe on a budget.

The idea for this feature came about from a situation which a lot of young people find ourselves in: lacking in money and time. The Fringe Festival prides itself on tickets being affordable, with some shows and events offering free tickets, even ones featuring mainstream comedians such as Phil Jupitus: Sketch Comic. However, the cost of accommodation and travel can put a lot of people off. Most hotels are already booked up, so that’s problem number 1. And if I actually did find a last minute hotel, getting to said overpriced closet is problem number 2. By train, it would take me just a few hours, but it would be roughly £200 for a return. So basically it’s either get the train, or not have electricity this month! Tough choice.

And that’s how ‘EdFringe in a Day’ came about!

To quote Bilbo Baggins…


Which you lovely lot can share in. The blog will serve as an essential thrifty guide to doing the EdFringe festival on a time and monetary budget, making it a must read for any student, school leaver, or employed-young-person-sort-of-hating-their-job-and-escaping-to-the-festival-for-some-much-needed-comedic-relief!

And 2) To do something spontaneous!

Working full time, everything feels like a routine: get up, train, work, train, home sleep. You can feel quite passive as a result, that you’re just going through the motions, losing all my drive, and I can’t even see, if this is really me, and I just want to feel…ALIVE…and yes that was Buffy reference! So I thought it was time to take back some control.


And do something completely spontaneous and fun! And what’s more fun than an impromptu trip with my amazing friends!

Of course, being me, there will be an organised element. In fact, colour coded spreadsheets of times/shows are already underway! Because you know what the best kind of fun is? Organised, scheduled fun!


Sounds awesome! How can I keep up to date on what’s happening, and get involved?

When I’m at the Fringe, you can follow my progress on Twitter, as I’ll be live tweeting using #EdFringeBinge during it at all stages. And by ‘all stages’, I mean ‘all stages’: from sleep deprived on Sunday, to even more sleep deprived on Tuesday!


And over the next few weeks I’ll be blogging all about my preparation for it using that the tag EdFringeBinge on this blog: what I’ll be packing, how to get the cheapest transport to/from the festival, and what shows I’ll be seeing. SO by the end of the Fringe, this blog will provide you with a complete guide to doing it on a budget!

Also, in the run up to the Fringe, I’ll be asking for suggestions from you guys. Any shows you think I should see? Any must-sees? Must-dos? Or must-eats? Yes, and that includes a deep fried Mars bar!


Thanks guys, and I hope you all enjoy reading about it from the comfort of your own home, as much as I enjoy tweeting about it from the ‘comfort’ of a 9 hour coach journey!


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