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I’ve been doing this blog for about 3 months now! And it’s just flown by!

Thanks must go to you guys, all my followers on WordPress and Twitter. Thank you for your feedback, support, likes, and putting up with post after post of something awesome and Something Rotten blogs!

Looking at my stats, my most popular blog has been Thursday’s Tips and Tricks: Day Seats, with over 300 views! Ad thanks to the lovely TheatreMonkey for featuring/recommending it on their Day Seats page! After that, my next most popular blog is my Review: The Tempest @The Hope Theatre, which was my first ever Press Night, and then my first ever Why Aren’t You Wednesday blog about the amazing Theatre Cafe.

So to mark this momentous…moment of 50 blogs, I’m going to share with you 50 of the things from my bucket list! In the last year, I’ve ticked off quite a few from previous bucket list: Work At A Theatre, Start a Theatre Blog, Go To a Press Night, and Complete my Masters! And here’s to ticking off the next 50!


10 Theatre Things:

1) See 100 shows (with ticket stubs from each).

2) See a show on Broadway.

3) See all of Shakespeare’s plays on stage.


4) Step foot on a West End stage.

5) Do EdFringe in one day.

6) Go to a Rocky Horror Live performance.

7) Be part of a show.

8) Go to the Oliviers.

9) See my favourite musicals on West End/Broadway (1/2 way there: seen The Producers, but not Spring Awakening).


10) Go to a midnight matinee.


10 Travel Things:

1) Visit the Romeo and Juliet balcony in Verona.

2) Go to San Diego Comic Con.

3) Visit New York.


4) Do an American Road Trip.

5) Actually do the touristy stuff in London, where I live.

6) See the Northern Lights.

7) Return to where my Mum and Dad grew up.

8) Visit the Hobbiton set.


9) Work abroad for a year.

10) See a panda or bear in the wild.


10 Fitness Things:

1) Drop a dress size.

2) Take up yoga.

3) Go to the gym 2-3 times a week.

4) Learn to wrestle.


5) Get control over OCD.

6) Beat trich.

7) Run a 5k (and enjoy it).


8) Run a Pretty Muddy Obstacle course for Cancer Research.

9) Do a day of walking in London.

10) Do a night of walking in London (MoonWalk race).


10 Personal Goals:

1) Have a blog published/featured by a company.

2) Write 100 blogs.

3) Write a play. A good one!


4) Reach 500 followers on Twitter

5) Do a PhD in Shakespeare.

6) Have a new job by January 2016. And one that I like doing, not just the people who work there!


7) Get 100 followers on WordPress.

8) Get into Arts Marketing/Social Media.

9) Learn to code.

10) Have a Shakespeare article published.


10 Random Things:

1) Get a tattoo.

2) Watch all of Breaking Bad.

3) Go to Wrestlemania.


4) Move out by Summer 2016.

5) Go skydiving.

6) Or bungee jumping.

7) Rewatch Lost.

8) Meet Tom Hiddleston.

9) Learn a new language

10) Sing in public.



4 thoughts on “50th POST AND 50 THINGS ON MY BUCKET LIST

    1. Awesome! Always good to tick a few off together, and over summer too! I’ve got a few this year I’ll definitely tick off. I’m heading to Broadway around Christmas time- very excited 😀


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