An update

Not had a particularly good last few days, as I’ve had some sad news concerning someone very close to me, and who’s amazing: my Grandpa.

I was going to do a post about my Tips/Tricks for Transport to the Fringe Festival, but that can wait until next week. Plus, it’ll be published closer to when I’m heading off for the Fringe anyway.

I’ll update you guys as to what’s happening once I’ve had time to process it fully, but just as a heads up there’ll be no theatre-related post today. But should be back to normal-ish tomorrow, hopefully.

And in the mean time, I’ll leave you and me with the words of 2 of my (and Grandpa’s) favourite comedians:

Make me happy through the years, never bring me any tears, let your arms be as warm as the sun from up above, bring me fun bring me sunshine bring me love


Rona x


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