Friday’s Favourite Things: Photo Edition

As you may have seen in yesterday’s blog, it’s been a rather bad week and any favourite things from it seem somewhat overshadowed by recent news.

But I’ve had a jolly good cry! Thanks to my lovely work mates and their collective shoulders to cry on! Here’s a pic of us lovely lot.


And life does goes on! Got all my motivational posters up, happy songs playing on my iPhone, going to have a bath later with my favourite bubblebath, and watch Rocky Horror! They may not make the bigger problem any better, but little things can make a difference to how you feel.

Since I can’t really recollect any favourite moments from this week, I thought I’d do this Friday’s Favs a bit differently. So today I’m sharing with you a few of my favourite photos, full of some of my favourite people or moments 🙂 It also paves the way for a nice little blogging project I’ll be starting tomorrow, being the beginning of August: a 30 Day Photo Challenge! Busy old month isn’t it, with that AND #EdFringeBinge!

This one’s just after I graduated from my BA English, with some of my best mates from uni. Nice serious photo. All looking very poised and professional.


And this is us normally:


Here’s me with my Gran and Grandpa, at my cousin’s wedding. And I actually look pretty decent in this pic!


And here’s me with my Mum and Dad. Fortunately cut off from the waist down, so you can’t see I’m not wearing shoes! Yeah…I gave up wearing those after the 2 hour graduation ceremony.


This was a really amazing moment from last year, graduating from my Shakespeare MA with the rest of my class! A lot of graduating ones here!


And finally, here’s my favourite time of year with some of my favourite people, my friends from school! I’ve known them over 10 years now, and that means we’re friends for life. NO ESCAPING FROM THE BONDS OF FRIENDSHIP! EVER!



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