Why Aren’t You Going to…the Free Fringe Shows?

As you guys knows, the whole point of my #EdFringeBinge is to try and the Edinburgh Fringe on a budget. £50 to be exact! And as I mentioned yesterday, accommodation and transport can cut into your budget quite a bit.


But don’t worry, there is one area which you can save money on, and it’s something which you may not suspect: the shows! So today’s ‘Why Aren’t You…?’ asks the simple question: Why Aren’t You Going to the Free Fringe Shows?!

This year, EdFringe is playing host to over 50,000 performances. And you’d be surprised how many of those are free! On the 10th August alone, there are over 200 free shows on!

How do I know this? Well, thanks to those helpful folks over at Free Festival, they’ve assembled a list of all the free shows on this year. You can also search by date, so if like me you’re only up for a short time, you can find out what’s on while you’re there and fit them into any gaps you may have in your schedule.


And there’s something for everyone: there’s tons of stand up and improv, children’s shows, magicians, even a show on a farm! My picks for the day I’m going: The Bumper Blyton Improvised Adventure, LOLympics Live 2015, and anything by Laughing Horse who feature some of the best comedians from the Fringe and a new line up at each show.

Also be sure to check out PBH’s Free Fringe, which has a programme of their free shows this year. It’s a simple concept:

Disheartened by what [Peter Buckley Hill] saw as unreasonable hire charges for venues and high ticket prices for the public, PBH (as he is more commonly known) tried a new model for putting on shows. Instead of paying for a venue and charging for tickets, there should be no hire charge and free entrance for everyone. If the audience like the show, they put a voluntary donation in a bucket at the end.

Fortunately, a lot of people seem to like this model, which is why PBH’s Free Fringe is now the biggest producer at the Edinburgh Festival, with over 440 shows and 7,800 performances in 2014 and the total rising every year.



Offering both comedy and a little something else, PBH’s Free Fringe list shows including Science and Rationalism, Cabaret and Spoken Word. Just a look at some of the shows on 10th August include a ‘secret’ show, the chance to be brainwashed, and a cabaret featuring taxidermied squirrels!

So seriously, why aren’t you going to the free fringe shows?!

It’s free, you’re supporting new upcoming acts, it’s free, oh and did I mention it’s free!

To find out more about free shows at the EdFringe, visit freefestival.co.uk and freefringe.org.uk.  And for updates during the festival, follow @FreeFringeFest and @TheFreeFringe.


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