Friday’s Favourite Things: Scotland, Shopping and Soggy Bottoms

Seriously, I’ve got this alliteration thing down for Friday’s Favourite Things! Although this title in particular reminds me of those teen fiction books from when I was younger with the alliterative/rhyming titles: ‘Mates, Dates and Portobello Princesses’ et al.

This week’s been decent. I can’t really remember most of it, because it’s gone by so fast! I mean today’s been a bit rubbish, and trying to get the train home was painful. Had everyone forgotten how trains work…you need to move down inside the carriage dude. Don’t block the door when I need to get off!


But it’s been alright. But no way near as awesome as next week…#EdFringeBinge!


Only 3 days until I’m at the Fringe!

Just been organising some last minute things, like packing…which probably shouldn’t be last minute!

Plus my friend is arriving tomorrow before the big adventure so can’t wait to see her! Haven’t seen her in like 6 months!

May or may not be planning a reconstruction of this photo en route...
May or may not be planning a reconstruction of this photo en route…

But yes, Scotland is so soon, and I can’t wait! Haven’t been in ages, and still trying to work out if I can make a quick detour to my grandparents old town of Portobello and go to the penny arcades.

Plus with my £10 budget for food, I could totally double that on the penny machines, right? 😉


I went shopping for the first time since going full time at work. And I don’t just mean shopping for necessary stuff; I actually got to look at stuff for myself!

I mean sure, I got some important things: hair products for work, and face cream/pads for make up.

But I also got to spend a little bit of me time, and do some retail therapy. Because as Tom Haverford would say:


And I did! Got a new bag, which I kind of needed anyway. But it’s got tassels and it’s basically Primark’s cheaper version of this new look bag (LINKS). I also got a new pair of shoes, again for work…just realised both of those are work related shopping…HAVE I FORGOTTEN HOW TO TREAT MYSELF?!

Oh wait, no! I got a cute little jumpsuit from New Look. And yes I may wear it for the Fringe…just hoping for dry weather!

Soggy Bottoms

Bake Off is back!

It’s Week 1, and not a soggy bottom in sight.


It’s a good part of staple summer viewing. Plus it’s one of the only things my whole family which watch in peace. And by peace I mean shouting at the TV, not each other! 😛

I’m still not over the baked Alaska scandal from last year with Iain. And then we had poor the mousse mishap last night! It was all too much!

But I do love a good bit of TV in the evening, and with that, Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen US, and a bit of Emmerdale drama (dont judge), my evenings are complete at the moment.


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