#EdFringeBinge Review: Mad Hatter’s Potting Tea Party ***

In case you couldn’t tell from my tweets on Monday or rather lack thereof, technology was not my friend at the EdFringe!

And after all the ‘fun’ I had with technology while in Edinburgh, I’m still writing up my blogs and tips from the day. So while I struggle on with that, I figured I’d share my thoughts on what I saw while up there, starting with the Mad Hatter’s Potting Tea Party, which wasn’t a show but an activity.


Run by the Scottish Potters Association, this session teaches you the basics of pottery including molding techniques and how to throw clay on a wheel. And no, I don’t just mean how to chuck a piece of clay onto a wheel. I mean actually working it and shaping or ‘throwing’ it into actual pottery. Or in my case, pottery-ish!

When we arrived at Greenside, we thought we’d probably be the only over 20’s there, aside from parents. But I didn’t really care, mainly because I saw Alan Davies at this point signing a lampshade. Seriously, the things you see at the EdFringe! As it turned out, there was only one child in the session, and the rest were slightly older than ourselves. We started by learning how to mold clay into Alice in Wonderland themed pieces, such as tea cups, Cheshire Cats, and cupcakes. The ever friendly and informative Potters were on hand to help out, showing us how to wet the clay and attach pieces together. This was fortunate for my dodo, who otherwise would have ended up dead and decapitated!

My friends and I had only got about 30 minutes of sleep, so I think what we made pretty much reflected this and possibly revealed something about each of us…


I made a dodo in a boat. Jas made a tea pot, tea cup and tiny mouse. And Cami…well, Cami made the most terrifying Cheshire Cat I have ever seen.

Then it was onto throwing clay. Perhaps not the best activity, again considering that we’d only had 30 minutes sleep. And that I was wearing a white playsuit. But this was great fun, and the Potters were so knowledgeable and encouraging. I was perhaps a bit…enthusiastic with my technique, going a bit fast and putting too much pressure! But I learned how to correct my clay and it actually looked like a pot in the end. Okay, maybe not a usable pot. But definitely a decorative one!

Before going, I’d never tried pottery before. But having done it with the SPA, it’s actually quite a relaxing, fun activity and one I’d thoroughly recommend! OH, and look who survived 24 hours in Edinburgh, a 9 hour coach journey, and train from Victoria:


Verdict: what a wise, welcoming bunch of Potters, and a great activity to start the day with, suitable for children and big kids at heart!

The Mad Hatter’s Potting Tea Party is on until 14th August 2015, with sessions at 10.00 and 11.15. Tickets cost £5, and do book in advance. For more information about the Scottish Potters Association including classes and courses, visit their website.


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