Friday’s Favourite Things: Fringe, Feature-Featured, and French Plays

This week’s been full of favourite moments. And it’s been exhausting! But that’s how you know it’s been a good week!

I’ve seen some weird stuff this week which cheered me up: a goat and cows on Cowgate, Alan Davies signing a lampshade, and a fish and chip restaurant which had to check if they had any fish and chips left!


So it was tough trying to pick 3 favourite things. But I have narrowed it down!

Fringe Follies


It seems like yesterday that I was on that bloody coach, listening to my neighbours natter on about brothers, sisters, the economy, Primark, Ireland, babysitting, Katie Hopkins…LITERALLY EVERYTHING!

But Edinburgh was beautiful: haven’t been there in like 5 years and it has changed so much. There’s a tram now! Last time I was here, they were literally getting the trams on the lines. And people were actually trying to get on board. They didn’t start for another year. Didn’t have a deep fried Mars Bar, but did go to Princes Street, Royal Mile and Pleasance.


I’ll be writing up a full review of it next week, rather than hinting about what I did like I’m doing now. It’ll be like an hour-by-hour-blow-by-blow account, which I thought my tweets would form the basis of. But technology hates me. Seriously.

I also had to wait for A Younger Theatre to publish the feature about it that wrote for them, which forms my next favourite thing…

Feature Featured on AYT!

Catchy title, right?

I may have got a bit over-excited last night, as my feature for A Younger Theatre went live! I pitched the idea of #EdFringeBinge to them about a month ago, and they actually liked it.

So half sleep-deprived/half ill, I spent most of Wednesday writing up my blog all about how to do EdFringe on a Budget: 24 hours for £50. And pretty much ended up by asking ‘WHY’ would I do that?!

And here’s the end result:


I’m rather proud of it, as it’s like my little creative baby…and now I’m just imagining a tiny baby covered in paint.

Please feel free to like/RT or comment on the article, letting me know what you think or if you have any questions. Examples include: Why would you do that to yourself? Where’s the best place to get a cheap pint? Seriously, WHY would you do that to yourself?!

French Play: Consolation

And as if all that weren’t enough excitement for one week, I’ve only got a Press Night tonight!

Written by Mick Wood, directed by Natasha Wood and presented by the Théâtre Volière company, the show is Consolation:


Set in Southern France, CONSOLATION, is a play about the relationship between a young French re-enactor, who plays a Cathar knight in a Visitor’s Centre, and a middle-aged Englishwoman who belives she has experienced a past life as a Cathar heretic in thirteenth century Languedoc.  Featuring a stunning multi-media design by award-winning young Latvian designer Rūta Irbīte, and thrilling stage combat by Dan Styles, CONSOLATION is a witty, disturbing, and ultimately life-affirming journey in to lost worlds, pseudo-history, and the search for belonging – with a very contemporary twist in its tale!

It’s at the Bridewell Theatre, just across from where I work in the Fleet Street/Blackfriars area. I’ve never been to this theatre come library come bar, so I’m intrigued as to the layout. I’m also intrigued about how much I’ll actually understand, as if some of it is in French, I may get a little confused!


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