Friday’s Favourite Things: HOLIDAY!

Quick Friday Favs this week, as I should be posting a review today/tomorrow!

There’s only really one favourite thing from this week, aside OBVIOUSLY from all the amazing plays I’ve been too.



I’m off to Sorrento for a week, which is in south Italy. It only seems like last month I was telling you all about my trip to Portugal! This trip can’t come at a better time. I’m just so drained: from work, from Edinburgh, emotionally from news about family/friends

Like Portugal, I’ve been to Sorrento quite a few time. I’m not one of those people who’s massively keen on trying somewhere new every year for holiday. If I find somewhere I like, I go back! I’m the same with food, drinks, restaurants, bars etc.: if I like it, why would I risk disappointment? Although there’s a bit of a difference between choosing which £7 pizza at Vapianos, and spending like £100’s on a holiday destination!

It’s one of my favourite haunts. The Amalfi Coast is beautiful and having this blog, I now have no excuse not to explore more of it! Plus, I haven’t been to Pompeii in years, so may pop down there to visit, or Herculaneum. Although MUST DO is climbing Vesuvius…which I did do!


So this week has mainly been filled with prepping for holiday.

This has been somewhat difficult, as between work, shows and visiting people, I’ve hardly been at home to pack. I’ve laid out my clothes…they’re not packed, persay. More adjacent to packing…or adjacent to the suitcase!

Don’t worry though: you’ll get normal blogging service, unlike my last holiday. Got a few reviews and features lined up, plus lots of photos! And some of the blogs will fall in September, and these will all have a particular theme…all will be revealed soon.

Any suggestions/recommendations for while I’m in Italy?


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