‘I’ll follow thee a month’: Shakespeare September

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve been thinking up what my next feature/project could be on this blog. So, I thought: ‘Why not combine two of my favourite things: blogging and Shakespeare’.

And this is how Shakespeare September came about!


What is it?

It’s a whole month dedicated to Shakespeare. YAAAAY!

Now, for some people that might seem a LONG time. But do bear in mind, I did study it for a whole year as an MA. That included 12 weeks on The Tempest. And that 12 weeks felt longer than the WHOLE year!

Why are you doing it?

I haven’t really written much about Shakespeare since stopping university. Sure I’ve read some of the plays since then and watched a few, but I haven’t engaged with it in the same way I did while at university. So I want to rekindle that passion, and inspire all of you lovely folks to do the same thing too. This is all about getting as many people to engage with Shakespeare and hopefully they’ll find something you love about him. For me, it’s obviously the poetry an beauty of the language: the ‘mishapen chaos of well seeming form’. But equally the slightly less eloquent language also proves amazing, particularly in insults.

Actually a t-shirt from the AMAZING http://www.philosophersguild.com/

What will you be posting?

Every day in September, I’ll be writing different content about Shakespeare on my blog and Twitter. Be it quotes, photos, reviews, articles of interest, almost everything will be Shakespeare themed an each week even has a distinct theme! Of course, normal service will still be available and I’ll be reviewing shows and doing opinion pieces as per usual in addition.

Plus, it’s a pretty well timed project. Not only does it coincide with The Barbican’s Hamlet starring Benedict Cumberbatch, but also on the 1st of October I’ll be seeing and reviewing it.


What will you be covering each week?

As mentioned, each week will have a different theme to the blogs, and here they are:

  • Week 1: Favourites
  • Week 2: Adaptations
  • Week 3: Critical Analysis
  • Week 4: Reviews
  • Week 5: Photos

And every day will have a different blog/topic. For example, the Favourites Week blogs will vary from talking about my favourite tragedy, to my favourite speech or even just my favourite single line. Or favourite Shakespearean actor, although that is really hard to choose!

Sounds great! How can I get involved?

I’ll be using the unique hashtag #ShakespeareSeptember during the challenge.


So if you want to take part, follow the hashtag and add to it with your suggestions. Want me to review a production you can’t see? Want me to try queuing for Day Tickets for Hamlet and let you know what it’s like, so you don’t have to? Want me to write an analysis of the extent to which delusions are used in Shakespeare with specific reference to three plays, for your undergrad English essay? Well tough, not doing that! Already did that once in my own undergrad. And it was loads of fun to be fair. So actually may write that one up in Analysis Week!

And if there’s a Shakespeare production on at the moment you want reviewed, let me know. Or if you work for a company putting on a Shakespeare play in London and you want me to do a feature/review, send me an email: thriftytheatrethinker@yahoo.com

Also, SPOILER ALERT: expect adaptation week to be very Something Rotten, Reduced Shakespeare Company and Kenneth Branagh heavy!


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