Photo Challenge: Days 21-31

Ooops! Time flies when you’re, well, flying abroad!

Here’s a bumper edition of my remaining August Photo Challenges.


Day 21: ‘Movement’


Aka, my crap attempt to take a photo of fireworks!


Day 22: Culture


Again, Sorrento! One of the many historic/cultural sites to see round about the town. Didn’t get a photo before now, but there’s a plaque with a list of the writers who’ve visited the town. Must get one tomorrow.


Day 23: Sport


It’s very hard to find a photo of me doing ‘sport’. So here’s the closest I can find to a recent one. It’s from Secret Cinema’s AMAZING Back to the Future event. Look. I’m a natural!


Day 24: Water


The Marina Piccola, or small marina. Despite being the biggest port in town. And the other one’s called Marina Grande. And guess what: it’s the smallest port.


Day 25: Warning


One from earlier this year: little Paddington bears dotted around London, this little guy outside the Tate Modern.


Day 26: Fashion


Is it vain of me to post a picture of myself for ‘Fashion’? Don’t care, doing it anyway! This dress is from Joy, my new favourite shop.


Day 27: Signage


Got to love Scotland during the Fringe!


Day 28: Pattern


Bit obsessed with this pattern on play suit. Well, any flower patterns really!


Day 29: Home


This is what home means to me: family.


Day 30: Strong


So strong! Game of Thrones Exhibition…definitely me just holding up the sword…yup!


Day 31: Work-Related


And, finally, my amazing work mates!


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