101 CREATIONS, aka Milestone Post

Apparently, I’ve just made 100 posts on this blog!


So this is my 101st post. Appropriately titled 101 Creations to mark 101 blogs. You know, like 101 Dalmatians. I like rhyming puns. A bit too much.

This is just a quick post to say thank you all very much for following me, whether you do so on Twitter or WordPress or both. And thank you for reading or through my blogs. This was started on a whim a few months ago, and it’s really reignited my creativity and love of writing since stopping my studies. I never thought it would take off this much, but in the few months I’ve been doing this I’ve been invited to Press Invites, gone to the EdFringe Festival, done features for other websites, and had the chance to interact and talk to loads of likeminded theatre lovers, like you lovely lot.


So thank you all! Now I know I’m at a momentous…moment, I will actually plan for the next milestone, maybe 150 songs to mark 150 blogs?


2 thoughts on “101 CREATIONS, aka Milestone Post

  1. Wow I didn’t realize you have blogged so much! It has been nice following you. Shakespeare, musicals, the EdFringe (which is something new to me given that I live so far away)… Practically everything is practically perfect!


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