Shakespeare September- Day 10: Brush Up Your Shakespeare

At the start of this week, I said that it was a challenge trying to adapt one of Shakespeare’s plays, let alone fit the whole of Shakespeare’s milieu into one show. But it was something that The Reduced Shakespeare Company accomplished.

But to fit them all into one song…impossible, right?

Wrong, as ‘Brush Up Your Shakespeare’ proves.

Featured in Kiss Me Kate, this one song contains references to almost all of Shakespeare’s plays. It’s like the who’s who of Shakespeare plays.

And I feel like I don’t even need to say much more, as the song speaks for itself. Just watch the clip below to see what I mean, and revel in the best bit of punning I have ever heard.

EDIT: Also feel like I don’t need to say anymore, because I’m just back from A&E with blood poisoning. So bit of a short post tonight, apologies!


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