Shakespeare September- Day 16: Royal Holloway

No, not the prison. The university.

Today’s picture themed post may seem an odd choice, and it is: it’s half Shakespeare/half personal. So please do bear with.


Royal Holloway (University of London) holds a special place in my heart. It’s where I did my BA and MA, where I met some of my best friends, and it’s also where I really grew the most. Thanks to a supportive group of supervisors and lecturers particularly during my Shakespeare MA, I really gained confidence not only in public speaking, but in myself. Here, they encourage creativity and originality of thought. Which was great for me, considering I hated using critics and my own readings made up 99% of my essays at first!

It has one of the top Shakespeare Departments in the UK, and if you need any more convincing just look at it. Set in the leafy suburbs of Egham, it’s basically Downton Abbey. And actually they did film interior scenes here, so, yeah, it’s Downton Abbey. Oh and it was also in Avengers 2. Need I say any more?


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