Shakespeare September- Day 21: Wishlist

In a slight change of plans (again), this week’s theme is a bit different.

I have a stinking cold and that’s hardly a great frame of mind in which to be composing analysis. Much like last week and the infected leg debacle, medicine+me=slightly weird, feverish writing. We’d best leave the analysis until next week, I think. Save the best until last or some other excuse like that.

This week’s new theme is Odds and Ends. There are quite a few things I’ve wanted to include/talk about, but which don’t quite fall under the umbrella of the themes. These include certain facts about Shakespeare, other writers and schools of thought of the period as well as some other somewhat random things.

Today’s blog is one such random thing: a Wish List of Shakespeare merchandise. I pretty much make one of these every month, adding something to it when I like it and taking something away once I’ve bought it. And here are the things I’m currently lusting over, one of which fortunately isn’t the Benedict Cumberbatch Hamlet tickets, as I’ve got those!

1) Globe Print: £30, Shakespeare’s Globe

2) ‘Such stuff as dreams are made on’ Dream Catcher Necklace: £22, Etsy

3) ‘Peace! I hate the word’ T-Shirt: £19.99, Past & Prologue

4) ‘Make way there for the princess’ T-Shirt: £12.99, RSC

5) Shakespeare’s Globe’s Henry IV, Part 2: available to rent for £2.99 and to buy from £6.99, Shakespeare’s Globe

6) Tickets to The War of the Roses Trilogy: tickets for all 3 shows start at £20 or individually from £5, The Rose Theatre Kingston



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