Shakespeare Setpember- Day 24: Study Resources

As we near the end of September, it’s around the time that university starts up again. I was thinking to myself, ‘This time last year I was starting my Masters in Shakespeare…that’s crazy’. What’s even crazier is that it wasn’t this time last year.

I started my MA two years ago.

And as if that doesn’t make me feel old, here’s something equally sad.

When I first watched Avenue Q, I was doing my GCSEs and listening to the lyrics, ‘You are 22 and you live on Avenue Q’, seemed like miles off. I’m now 23. I’m older than Princeton. Listening to ‘I Wish I could go back to College’ now rings far too true, and there is a reason I deleted if off my iPhone.

So feeling somewhat nostalgic, I thought I’d share some of the more useful online resources I used while studying my BA English and MA Shakespeare, for those just starting their’s.

Open Source Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s Words

Complete Works of William Shakespeare



Google Scholar



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