Shakespeare September- Day 25: Want to Learn More?

We’re nearing the end of #ShakespeareSeptember, and I hope you’ve enjoyed some of the features I’ve been doing on it. I must admit, I have found it hard but also challenging in a good way. Posting content of a different nature to my usual ones has been interesting but requires more research! Hence my last few days being out of sync with dates!

And if you have enjoyed reading about Shakespeare, here are some events/lectures and online resources if you would like to learn more.

For the little ones:

Not to be confused with an actual playground, the Globe Playground is a great site for getting young kids excited about Shakespeare. Featuring recipes, colouring in sheets, games and fact sheets,

Events and Lectures:

Photo by Kezia Beament

Quite a few of the big theatre companies offer lectures and special readings of the plays. Shakespeare’s Globe run specific education events for school groups, including tours of the theatre, workshops and other masterclasses. They also have a number of sessions for the public this year as part of their Shakespeare Inspired series. An upcoming one includes Shakespeare in 1606, a talk given by leading academic James Shapiro on the momentous year to coincide with the release of his book.

The Royal Shakespeare Company offers a wide range of events for schools, including Open Days, Student Insights and Workshops. They also have certain discussions based on specific shows. These include Unwrapped sessions, looking at the skills which go into making the plays, and discussions with the directors of current productions, including Henry VHamlet and non-Shakespearean plays.


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