End of Season Party, aka: Disney, Drinks and A Giant Gold *COUGH*

Today’s post is a bit of a quickie, as I’m feeling a little fragile. Why am I feeling a tad iffy, you ask? It’s been a busy old week: yesterday, I was at The Young Vic’s Measure for Measure, and this week marks the end of the theatre season at the Globe, and that can only mean one thing…

End of Season Party!

This year’s theme was ‘Inlaws and Outlaws’, which meant there were a lot of cowboys, some gangsters and one genius person who came as a Tesco carrier bag! I won’t say anything about the party itself aside from this: Mariachi band and a giant golden phallus.

A few from my department decided to go as Disney outlaws: Claire was Mother Gothel, Anna aka Design-athon was Elsa, Suzie was Maleficent and I was Cruella Deville. I thought I’d share our costumes, so here’s a group shot of a few of us!

I was VERY glad I got Cruella, because I got to wear my faux fur coat and it was bloody freezing!


It was an amazing night, thanks to the Globe for organising it and my amazing friends from work!

If you want to copy our costumes, just leave a comment for information on Elsa/Mother Gothel outfits. And here’s the the basics for my Cruella costume:

Disney Villains Adult Cruella de Vil Costume (wig, gloves, shawl and cuffs)- £10, ASDA

Dress- £19.99, New Look (in store)


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