Friday’s Favourite Things: V, W, AND X

I’m writing today’s blog while on the train back from work and, to be honest, I’m sorely tempted for this journey to be one of my favourite moments because…

I actually got a seat on a commuter train!

Small victories aside, I’ve had a few bigger achievements this week I’ve been very happy with. Firstly, my friend and I are starting to look at flats to move in together, and since we both work at the same place, location won’t be a major issue of contention! And there’s something exciting in the pipeline comp/experience wise, which I’m hoping to organise for myself and some other London theatre bloggers. AND not to reveal too much, but I’ve got some exciting news on the job front. I’m just waiting for unallocated confirmation, so I don’t tempt fate!

So things are looking up…and now I’ve got that Things Are Looking Up Here in Duloc song from Shrek The musical in my head!


So here are today’s favourites, which happen to be alphabetical in their titles: V, W and X. Which would have made much more sense had my first Friday Favs been A, B and C and so forth!



I’ve got a few days off this week, and that means time to catch up on TV! I’m a good few episodes behind on How to Get Away with Murder. And Gotham. And a seaon or two on Once Upon a Time! Of course, I’ll be watching some other videos like the Spring Awakening vlogs but here are some of my favourite videos from this week. One is theatre related:

And one of Tom Hiddleston, because 1) why not, and 2) because I love his MTV videos with Josh Horowitz:


Winter Shows:

I’ve got a few shows coming up which I’m very excited about: The Winter’s Tale at the Garrick with Judy Dench, and I’m back at the Young Vic for Macbeth. I seem to be seeing a lot of Shakespeare! Plus, working at the Globe, I’m bound to hear what people think about the shows before the reviews come out; our visitors are always keen to share what they’ve seen where.


I’m also in the process of booking my winter shows to see. Guys and Dolls, Peter Pan Goes Wrong, and of course the Sam Wannamaker season of Shakespeare’s late plays are all must sees for me. And I still have to book my last show to see in New York! While I really wanted to see Hamilton, that’s not going to happen: 1) because it’s sold out, and 2) I really don’t think it’s my dad’s cup of tea! Besides, rumour has it it may transfer to West End. So now I’m thinking A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder instead.



It’s only 62 days until Christmas, and I’m already feeling the Christmas spirit. Apparently my phone is too, because every time I type ‘Christmas’, it corrects it to CHRISTMAS, such is its excitement! And I’m already making plans, not just for my trip to New York but the week of Christmas itself.


I think there are a few reasons I’m feeling especially festive this early. It could be that I’m decked in my winter wardrobe already, because it’s that cold. So fur boots, jumpers and fuzzy socks are returning. It could be the prospect of Christmas Markets outside the Tate, which should be setting up in November. Or it could be that one of my friends at work has been singing Christmas songs for the last week. Take your pick!

Even tonight, I’m doing a Secret Santa draw!


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