Literary Lust: Literary Emporium

Christmas is just around the corner now! And if you read my blog on Friday, you’ll know I’m getting very excited about it. September seemed to drag on a bit this year, but it’s been a busy October for me with interviews and it’s just sped past.

So with Christmas creeping up, it’s time to start thinking about gift ideas for friends and family…and maybe someone else…



This year, I thought I’d share my search for literary themed gifts with all of you, as inspiration for any lovers of literature in your family! Each of these Literary Lust lists will feature a different shop online or in London which I’ll be using for Christmas gifts, and some of their products I’m currently lusting over.

And the first one I’m featuring is…


Working at the Globe, unsurprisingly, quite a few of my close friends are big readers. From Shakespeare to Shelley and Austen to Zola, there’s a love of literature here which spans centuries. Which is why the Literary Emporium is so great for gifts; they have something for everyone, and from all periods of literature! I’ve used them before for Birthday presents, but with Christmas coming up I’ll be using them again for Globies’ gifts!


Inspired by famous quotes from literature, you’ll find anything and everything here for any book lover. Wise words from Wordsworth on postcards, a tiny teapot necklace from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, and there are even magic notebooks for would be wizards and witches! This website really is a world of pure imagination: amazing products, beautiful photography, and at a surprisingly affordable price. I say ‘surprisingly’, because they are of that high a quality I assumed they would be more!

For example, one of their newest items and already on my Christmas list is the Limited Edition Magic Notebook Set, which at £10 for all three is a steal.


So if you haven’t already had a look at the Literary Emporium website, be sure to check them out and follow them on Twitter for all their latest updates.


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