Literary Lust: Harry Potter Edition

In case you missed it yesterday, I am more just a bit excited about getting tickets for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! But with over half a year until previews start, there’s quite a bit of time to put in. And we all know how well the Harry Potter fandom does with waiting…although at least seven months isn’t 12 years!

Before previews start, I’m planning monthly Harry Potter activities for me and my friends. Yes, because I am that cool. And as you can see below, it’s as cool as you’d imagine. And I say that with utter sincerity.


And with Halloween this week, the booking period for the new Harry Potter play couldn’t come at a better time! To celebrate getting tickets, what better way than to dress up as your favourite characters from the books, and bust out that Harry Potter official, ridiculously overpriced, Gryffindor cardigan you begged your parents for a few years ago and said you’d wear all the time and haven’t worn since and you’re now totally more of a Ravenclaw anyway so why would you wear a Gryffindor one?! Anyone? Nope? Just me?

Well, if you haven’t got one, Christmas is coming up soon too. And what a great excuse for topping up your Harry Potter merchandise!

So in honour of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, today’s Literary Lust is Harry Potter themed, featuring present ideas for any witches, wizards and even muggles.

hp1) Harry Potter Colouring Book: £6.99, Amazon

2) Hedwig Necklace: £8.06, Etsy

3) Harry Potter House Poem Stickers: $9/£6, Human

4) Expecto Patronum Ring: £6.71, Etsy

5) Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Tickets: from £10, Nimax Theatres and ATG

6) Hogwarts Sweatshirt: £13.99, Etsy

7) Magic Notebook: £10 for set of 3, Literary Emporium

8) Harry Potter and the Order of the Pizza, V-Neck: $25.20/£16.50, Human

9) Harry Potter Christmas Ornament: £5.37, Etsy

10) Hogwarts in the Snow Tickets: from £33 for 1 adult and £25.50 for 1 Child, WB Studio Tour


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