Why Aren’t You…Watching #Ham4Ham?

Busy old day starting new job today! But I’ve got a small window between getting in from work and watching The Apprentice to write this up. Oh, and I’m also watching Night at the Museum 2 in the background. Talk about multi-tasking!

So today’s blog is a quickie and brings back the Why Aren’t You… feature. Today I’m asking Why Aren’t You Watching #Ham4Ham?

If, like me, you’ve heard seen any clips of Hamilton or heard any songs or basically know anything about it, chances are you want to watch it! But, with tickets selling out well in advance, you may not have the opportunity to watch it. And this is where Lin Manuel Miranda has done an ingenious thing…

Not only is Hamilton making tickets available on the day thanks to a lottery for Day Seats for a lucky few, but those who don’t win still get to see some of the show. In a bold move, Miranda is bringing Hamilton to the people with #Ham4Ham.

During the daily lottery, Miranda and his special guests come out to entertain the crowd with songs from Hamilton, raps and other musical numbers. Guests have included fellow cast members such as Jonathan Groff and Renée Elise Goldsberry, to stars of other shows including the cast of Deaf West’s Spring Awakening revival and the late Kyle Jean-Baptiste.

What’s great about #Ham4Ham is that it’s not only bringing Broadway to the streets of New York, but an international audience too who may not be able to see the show. #Ham4Ham videos are available online via Hamilton‘s YouTube channel, and it’s good to see these rather than bootlegs of the show popping up.

So, if you’ve got a few hours to kill, look back through the #Ham4Ham videos. My favourite? One word: WORK!


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