Literary Lust: Dress Circle

We’re getting closer and closer to Christmas, as in it’s next week! And despite going shopping in New York, I have bought no Christmas presents…unless you count the ones I bought myself…but as Donna says:


But I’m back from New York and normal service is resumed. I’m back at work, I’m writing up my New York recaps, and Christmas parties are all happening this week! So while all that’s going on, here’s a little something to tide you over and inspire any last minute Christmas shoppers like me!

Up until now, my Literary Lust features have focused more on books and literature themed gifts…unsurprisingly enough! So today’s blog is about present ideas based on theatre and plays. Still literary, just a little more dramatic. And today’s featured shop is…

Dress Circle

Established over 30 years ago, Dress Circle has everything for any musical theatre fan: from soundtracks to backing tracks, and sheet music to shiiiiiiiit-I-never-knew-I-needed-a-Wicked-The-Wizard-and-I-Musical-Glitter-Globe-in-my-life-until-now!

It has gifts from a wide range of shows, including ones on in the West End, ones on Broadway, and ones from years gone by. This includes rare posters, brochures and other memorabilia, as well as pre-owned items at a good price! Plus, it’s not just good for gifts for fans; they have products suitable for actors, singers and directors.

Here are a few of my favourite items on their website:


1) Playbill Programme Collector’s Display Frame- £9.99

2) Wicked ‘Defy Gravity’ Necklace- £18.00

3) Singin’ in the Rain Keyring- £5.00 (Currently Out of Stock)

4) 2016 Playbill on Broadway Calendar- £12.00

5) Hamilton Original Broadway Cast Double CD- £18.99

6) Disney Movie Magic Sheet Music- £3.00 (Pre-owned)

7) Book of Mormon Mug- £10.00

8) Comedy & Tragedy Masks Pewter Lapel Pins- £3.99 (Currently Out of Stock)

9) Wicked The Grimmerie Book- £25.99

10) Book of Mormon Button Set- £6.50



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