Friday Favs: 2015 Edition

It’s been a half reflective/half looking forward week and what better way to end it than looking back at my favourite moments from 2015!

…and then no more 2015 posts after this, I promise!

Except for my recap of New York trip. And reviews for the shows I saw there. And the reviews of shows I saw in December.

But other than that, like nothing!

I’m writing this on my lunch break, so I’ll keep it short and sweet! Starting with…

1) Getting a new job as Digital Coordinator!

2) But getting to stay at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and still see all my lovely friends there.

3) And having my first weekend off in two years! IT’S BEEN TOO LONG! No…seriously!

4) Starting this blog.

5) Hitting 500 followers on Twitter.

6) Going to my first press night (name on seat and all)!

7) Getting to conduct interviews with actors and directors as part of my job and for my blog.

8) Spending more time with my family and friends.

9) Spending more time at the theatre (aka seeing 30 odd shows this year, most of them with Claire).

10) End of Season Party at the Globe.

group pic.jpg

11) New York! Seriously, the trip could make up all 15 things! Central Park, Broadway, EVERYTHING!

12) And even more specifically, but also slightly mysterious: getting to hear some of Hamilton. Live. And no, not at #Ham4Ham. More to follow next week…

13) Two words: EdFringe. Binge.

14) Well and a few more words: going back to Edinburgh for the first time in years.

15) Enjoying this view at work every day!



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