Review: Guys and Dolls @ The Savoy Theatre ****

First show I saw after Christmas and last one of 2015. It was never going to live up to expectations…except it did! Taking a classic musical, the actors breathe new life into it and find even more comedic turns in the script. Set in New York, the story revolves around a couple of guys and a couple of dolls, duh! Theres gambling, gambling and more gambling, with a little song and dance thrown in!


I saw Guys and Dolls a few years ago at and was immediately taken by the music. Reminiscent of the musical hey day, they’re so catchy. ‘Sit Down You’re Rocking The Boat’ of course is a standout number, as of course is ‘Luck Be A Lady Tonight’. The choreography does not disappoint in this production either, particularly with this number and the whole Havana scene! The staging is brings a sense of real New York (even in the sewer scenes), which complements the energy of the production.

Source: Telegraph

Jamie Parker leads the pack as Sky Masterson and is brilliant as per usual. Despite seeing him in three different shows this year, in three different American roles, each has its own accent and character. His ability to convey so much emotion and comedy in his voice is mesmerising. Siubhan Harrison shows her heart as missionary Sarah Brown, a character which can be somewhat stereotypical and one dimensional. Her scenes with Parker dispel any worry of this, as their take on the relationship is fresh and fun. David Haig plays Nathan Detroit, would be gambler and wouldn’t be husband, playing the hesitant fiancée in spades. His ‘Sue Me’ song is a highlight. And last but by no means least, Sophie Thompson steals the show as Miss Adelaide. The joker of the pack, everything from her movement to her diction to her singing is so spot on and in character. She has the audience rolling in the aisle during ‘Adelaide’s Lament’ and I hope to see her elsewhere in the West End this year.

There maybe on too many card references there…?


Verdict: a breathtaking production, breathtaking in that you can’t breathe for laughing so much! Hilarious!

Guys and Dolls is playing until 12th March 2016 at the Savoy Theatre, before touring the country. For more details about venues and tickets, visit the Guys and Dolls website.


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