Friday Favs: Histories, Holiday and Hysterical Shows

This week and next will no doubt be full of favourite moments.

But before getting on to these, the sudden, deeply sad death of one of our greatest stage and screen actors must be acknowledged. Sir Alan Rickman was an incredible talent, able to bring immense joy or immense fear in an audience, often in equal measure. In addition to that, he was a wonderful person, as the countless tributes pour in prove. He will be greatly missed and my thoughts are with his family and friends.

And on to a few more favourite moments from this week.

1) History Plays Cycle

The Barbican is playing host to a revival…well, maybe not ‘a’ revival so much as four!


RSC: King and Country

The RSC’s History Cycle is currently being performed there, consisting of of Richard II (featuring David Tenant), Henry IV 1 and 2, and Henry V. One night after another! Last year, I was lucky enough to 1) secure tickets to this momentous event, and 2) find someone who would willingly watch 12 hours of Shakespeare with me! (Shout out to Claire!)

We’ve just finished the cycle, literally about 10 hours ago as I’m writing this. And what an experience! It’s an insightful, new way of looking at the plays, completely changing audience’s perceptions on characters, blood lines and allegiances. The full reviews will be posted next week or the week after, but here are a few favourite moments: ‘I have forgot the map’, ‘I HAVE IT’ SWISH, the interpretation of Richard II’s relationships, and a rather sheepish Jasper Britton apparently usurping Fallstaff’s centre spot in the bow. I say ‘usurp’. Quite how a King can usurp what should be rightly his spot is beyond me. Especially given the fact that Britton’s performance outshone Antony Sher’s Fallstaff by miles. But more of my less than favourable view of Sher’s Fallstaff next week.


2) I’m gonna be part of that world…aka DISNEYLAND

As if Claire hasn’t had to spend enough time with me this week, we’re only off to Disneyland next week!

We’re more than a tad excited about this. We’ll be there for three days which will be spent singing Disney songs, buying Prince Charming baby clothes for my friend’s newborn and watching fireworks. And of course: doing a few rides…okay, more than a few! So excited for the Buzz Lightyear one!

Yes, it’s January and it’s going to be freezing cold. But DISNEY! I can’t really say anything more than that, but I feel like this song my sent me sums it up:


3) Peter Pan Goes Wrong:

As if I’m not 1) going to enough Shakespeare this week and 2) getting enough Disney next week, I’m off to see Peter Pan Goes Wrong tonight!


As I mentioned yesterday, it’s a Christmas present for my parents who really enjoyed The Play That Goes Wrong. Farce, AmDram and slapstick humour! I would say after a week of Shakespeare’s Histories, it would be a welcome change of tone. In reality, I’ve just seen probably the two funniest Histories, so…it’s continuing in that vein I guess!

UPDATE: It was amazing! OBVIOUSLY!
And finally, an honourable mention, two words: FREINDS. REUNION!


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