‘Violinist on the Garage’ & Other Computer Generated Musicals

Bit of a short and silly post today!

If you read my post yesterday, you’ll know about Beyond the Fence, a computer generated musical. Drawing from a sample of the most popular musicals of all time, this experiment combines science and the arts.

By all accounts, it sounds like an interesting idea. Then in a slightly feverish, cough syrup induced dream, I had a brain wave: what would musicals look like, were they originally written by a computer?

So, I’ve rewritten some of well known musicals and a few songs, using the ‘helpful’ thesaurus function in Word to come up with suggested replacements. I say ‘helpful’, because as any English-Literature-students-who-have-tried-to-come-up-with-a-more-clever-sounding-sentence will know, it doesn’t work. Very well. At all!

And this is where this post came from! See if you can guess them and feel free to post some more of your own puns below.

Violinist on the Garage

Caress Me, Kate





Amused House

In the Altitudes

Sweater Boys

The Lion Monarch

Kinky Plimsoles


The Paperback of Mormon

Legally Fair-haired


The Makers

Spring Arousing



The Sound of Song

The Ghost of the Opera

Sweeney Todd: the Wizard Stylist of Fleet Street



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