Disneyland Paris

The last two blogs were posted quite early for me! Turns out, if you write them in advance it’s actually much easier and less stressful! And why did I write them beforehand, you ask? Well…

I’ve been to Disneyland.

Paris, to be specific.


It’s been a lovely few days away with my good friend and Disney devotee Claire. Such fun! Claire’s colouring in Disney cartoons, whileΒ I’m writing this at the airport while we wait for the flight back. 3 hours we have to wait. Not because it’s delayed. Because we’re too organised and got here early!

But on to the holiday!

We stayed at the Dream Castle, which is off site. Sure, it would’ve been magical to stay onsite but 1) FAR more expensive and 2) there Β would be more children! Plus there’s a free shuttle service to all the surrounding Disney affiliated hotels, running every 20 minutes and just 10 minutes from the park. And I’m pretty sure we got a bigger room than one I’ve had in the New York Disney hotel.


Highlights: seeing the fireworks, walking straight on to rides, seeing Disney in the snow, walking straight onto Indiana Jones ride, beating Claire on the Buzz Lightyear shooting ride, walking straight on to that ride, seeing the princesses, AND DID I MENTION WE WALKED STRAIGHT ON TO THE RIDES?!

Seriously, most queues were 5 minutes. And that includes Space Mountain! The most we queued for a ride was 15 minutes and for princess meet and greet 30 minutes. Yes it was cold at this time of year, but the short wait times and the hotel/prices would make me come back in January again.

P.S. And writing this I have remembered that I haven’t posted the New York review. It is coming!





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