‘It never leaves your heart’: Top 15 Disney Songs

I’m in a bit of a Disney funk today, in case you couldn’t tell from my tweet this morning.

I’m officially having Disney Withdrawal.

Now, however, I’m feeling a bit better. How you ask? How did I cheer myself up on the train journey to work from hell? (No really, it was: tubes, DLR, overground and I managed to fall over on someone’s case. To the point where someone made a gasp.)

Well, I did two things. 1) Read some of Chowkimwan’s amazing Disney themed posts, and 2) think of some of my favourite disney songs and share them with you all, of course!

So here are 15 of my favourite songs, in no particular order.


1) A Whole New World (Aladdin): if only because I love to shout ‘DONT YOU DARE CLOSE YOUR EYES’.


2) Strangers Like Me (Tarzan): again, I get to sing this very emphatically/dramatically.


3) Hakuna Matata (Lion King): ‘very nice’.


4) Beauty and the Beast (I think you can guess what it’s from): because yes, it’s a lovely song. But I love shouting ‘Tale as old as time’. And because I now can’t unsee this version with the most awkward backing dancers. Ever.


5) Never Had a Friend Like Me (Aladdin): because Robin Williams. And the Tony performance.


6) You Got a Friend in Me (Toy Story): such a great song!


7) Part of Your World (The Little Mermaid): what’s a fire and why does it, what’s the word, BURN.


8) The Bare Necessities (The Jungle Book): because of this cover.


9) The Up Theme: because Michael Giacchino is equal parts genius and equal parts ‘I know how to break your heart with one key change’.


10) Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me (Monster Inc.): do I need a reason?!


11) I’ve Got a Dream (Tangled): ‘And Vladimir collects ceramic unicorns’.


12) Touch the Sky (Brave): because Scotland and beautiful music.


13) Love is an Open Door: because at least one Frozen song had to feature.


14) I See the Light (Tangled): probably my favourite song from the whole Disney milieu. Because it’s beautiful.


15) It’s a Small World: because Claire would kill me if I didn’t put it somewhere here!


6 thoughts on “‘It never leaves your heart’: Top 15 Disney Songs

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      2. Hmm okay, I’ll check those out. I’m likely going alone, so I cannot afford to go for the more high-end hotels. Their one-man rooms are very expensive. Also, I will be there for 2 weeks, so I really cannot afford something that would cost me a bomb per night.


      3. Yeah then premier inn or travelodge are good bets, generally. But there are some decently priced ones a bit further out. Expedia or something would be good comparison website to give you an idea 🙂

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