Friday Favs: Fireworks, First Night and FLUFFY!

It’s been a week full of fun, favourites! Tongue twister, much? In case you missed my blog on Wednesday, I’ve been off to Disneyland, which had a favourite moment pretty much every 5 minutes. Literally, because you were going from ride to ride every 5 minutes since there were no queues.

So it’s not going to be surprising that a few of these will form some of today’s favourites too!

Starting with…


Disney Slippers

Before going to Disney, I thought the merchandise would be the most overpriced thing there. Turns out it was the food! But the price of gifts and souvenirs was actually decent, particularly compared to those on offer at the Harry Potter Studio Tour…so expensive…like £8 for a chocolate frog?!

Anyway, I took some spending money and in addition to getting some discounted Christmas decorations, I got these beauties.



Basically, this was me when I first saw them:


And they are the comfiest things ever. Coming back after work, these are the best thing ever. Like a hug for your feet!


First Night Tickets

In my weekly ticket search aka ‘have Hamilton tickets been announced or released for London yet’, I found a show I hadn’t heard much about: Miss Atomic Bomb.


It’s a new musical which is starting a limited run in London this March. And it just so happens that they’ve just announced the cast. Catherine Tate reunites with Assassins costar Simon Lipkin. I was sold at Lipkin, so Tate is a bonus plus Adam Long of the Reduced Shakespeare Company is directing.

I snapped up tickets for the first night, because hello discounted tickets thank you very much! They still had tickets left as of last night, but I imagine they’ll go quickly since its a limited run. For more information and to book tickets, visit St James Theatre website.


‘Look at the fireworks, light up the night sky!’

I couldn’t go to Disney and not mention the fireworks.

Well, actually I could and have before.

The farewell fireworks were a relatively new concept to me, as I hadn’t watched them before. And they were amazing! So amazing that we went both nights to see it again! The combination of the projections on the castle, the fireworks (and fire) and fountain…well it was magical.

The theme was Disney Dreams and there was something for everyone: Lion King, Aladdin, Rapunzel. Even Brave and Princess and the Frog got a look in!

My photos didn’t turn out great (thanks iPhone), but I took a clip of the Rapunzel one. Which basically made me want to go and watch it again and again! And here are some photos:


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