Desk Envy Wishlist

I’m back from Disneyland. No holiday booked until May.

It’s official: the holidays are officially over.


But on the plus side, it’s an exciting time at the Globe as you may have read about earlier this month. I’m spending more time at my desk at the moment, what with the whole-no-holiday-for-months and writing blogs during my break. But at least I have some Christmassy/Disney remnants decorating it!

It is, however, in the need of 1) more pretty/fun stationary and 2) a tidy. Seriously, there a trays from the last person on my desk. No idea what’s in them. Oh and there are left over Christmas cards there too!

So today’s wishlist is a Desk Envy one, with some stationary and stuff I’m lusting after! Some is Shakespeare, some is Disney, some is random!


1) Bright Side 2016 Desk Calendar: eBay, £8.99

2) IT Crowd Pencil Set: LaLaLand, £4.00

3) London Postcard Sticky Tabs: Paperchase, £2.25

4) Monsters Inc. Paperclip Set: Etsy, £2.52

5) Shakespeare Sticky Notes: Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, £5.99

6) Ceramic Fox Pencil Pot: Etsy, £12.00

7) ‘Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It’ Postcard: Paperchase, £0.70

   8) ‘Action is eloquence’ Business Card Holder: Zazzle, £18.00

9) Pink Owl USB: eBay, £1.99

10) Set of 12 Panda Notecards: Etsy, £8.65



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