Friday Favourites!

Completely forgot I had to write this today, so will no doubt be spending my break uploading this!

It’s not so much that I forgot to write it, more that I forgot I wouldn’t have time to upload it. Because…


…Well, not today…but I’m doing celebrations tonight. So unlikely I’ll be sober enough to write this coherently! Here are some favourite things from this week.


It’s been a busy week on the tech front! I interviewed Mark Rolland the Artistic Director of new theatre festival Basic Space for my blog yesterday. It’s a great project, ‘creating something which would give new companies an opportunity’. I’ve also got an interview with Matthew Parker lined up next week for Antigone, which will be playing from 23rd February to 12th March 2016 at the Hope Theatre. So keep an eye out for that.

I’ve also been busy with interviews for work: including my interview with Pippa Nixon playing Ariel in the Globe’s The Tempest and Tom Kanji, playing Cleomenes in The Winter’s Tale. Oh and next week, there’ll be even more with Dharmesh Patel’s interviews for The Tempest. Basically, check it all out on the Globe’s Adopt An Actor archive or sign up for updates.

And finally, our 2016 Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank website launched this week. It’s a project which brings Shakespeare to thousands of school children at the Globe, with a tie in website for teachers and pupils featuring Character Pages, Interviews with Cast and Creatives, and Activities for lessons. So take a look!



So I’ve declared today my Very Merry Unbirthday.

I’m sort of doing a three day Birthday celebration.

Because I’m that popular. Not really. It’s just easier to do work outing one night and then local friends the next and family the day after!

My friend turned 25 last week and I’m turning 24 this week


In lieu of the impending mid 20’s, this will be the year of basically using the hell out of any under 25 theatre deals in London! So expect a fair few thrifty lists this year.


House Hunt:

Things are stepping up a notch in the hunt for a place with Claire. I say stepping up a notch: we are actually going to view properties now!

Our lunch breaks and Facebook conversations are now spent looking through properties, which just gives me the excuse to pop down and see my Exhibition friends!

But seriously, I still can’t believe there are people who don’t put photos of their properties online?! Just a photo of the outside! Come on, we live in the 21st century for goodness sake!

Also, why not say if it’s furnished or unfurnished?! I need to know if I get to do the Friends thing!



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