Hamilton Wishlist: aka, There’s A Million things I haven’t bought, but just you wait…

Welcome to the Hamilton Wishlist, aka There’s a Million Things I Haven’t Bought, But just you wait; aka You’ll Be Back (to Red Bubble); aka I will Never Be Satisfied; aka There Are 10 Things You Need to Buy.

…I had way too much fun coming up with those puns.

And what inspired this feature?

Well, it was my birthday on Sunday and I’ve had a rather lovely time. Even though I didn’t quite manage to do an Ellie and make it a birthday month! Only a birthday weekend! Shameful.

Among my amazingly generous presents were a Monsters Inc. DVD to match my amazingly Sulley comfy slippers, some super soft PJs, and a rocket ship handbag (no, seriously).

Accessorize- £10.50

And possibly my new favourite thing: a Hamilton necklace.

Which I will post a picture of tomorrow…because I need to sleep now!

I may or may not have spent two hours on Sunday evening looking for more Hamilton merchandise.




Anyway that’s the reason for my blog today. I thought I’d share some of my favourite pieces of merchandise from the show, all of which are from Red Bubble. Because yes the official merchandise is amazing. Like seriously, awesome, wow. But not in a sarcastic King George way. But just as amazing is people’s interpretation and creations based on the musical.


1) ‘The Room Where It Happens’ Duvet Cover- £60.69

2) ‘I’m Like Alexander Hamilton…’ Mug- £9.73

3) ‘I’m in a Dedicated Relationship with Hamilton’ Card- £1.30

4) ‘Awesome Wow’ Tote Bag- £12.16

5) King George III Throw Pillow-£12.00

6) ‘Why Do You Write like You’re Running Out of Time?’ Journal- £13.00

7) Alexander Hamilton Sticker- £1.54

8) ‘I’m Nacho Son’ Sticket- £1.54

9) ‘Aaron Burr, Sir’ Sticker- £1.54

10) Alexander Hamilton Phone Case- £20.01


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