‘When I was 23, It Was a Very Good Year’

I have the flu.

I’ve only just dragged myself out of bed, and I don’t really have the energy to write a full blown blog post today.

Since it was my birthday this weekend, I thought I’d do a quick list, a little look back at my 23rd year on this planet, aka 2015.

Then I remembered: I already did that.

So instead, I figured I’d do something which requires a similar-if-not-even-less level/lack of energy: a look back at 23, in photos. Because it really was a very good year for me generally: a new job, a new blog, a few holidays, a lot of shows, and plenty of time spent with friends and family.

And for those wondering where the title of this feature came from, it’s from a Frank Sinatra song (covered by Robbie Williams).




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