Friday Favs: Location, Loquacious, and Look-a-celebration

Even though it’s been my Birthday this week, it’s not really been a week of many other favourites.

I’ve had the most stinking flu and cough.

Source: The Odyssey Online

Yaaaaay. I’ve had to cancel seeing two shows this week. Fortunately, both were at the Globe and were last minute ones. It wasn’t like Harry Potter or something!

EDIT: NOW THREE SHOWS! I had to cancel what was going to be one of my favourite things, seeing Hand to God. AND IT’S GOT DUDLEY FROM HARRY POTTER IN!

But I have had a few favourite moments, starting with…



I’ve had a fair few interviews going on this month for work and our current productions. And just as exciting as these, I had a different kind of interview last week.

I was invited to interview for the Olivier Awards Theare Panel!

Source: Bustle

So yeah, was feeling pretty good!

I did not get it in the end though…which is probably a good thing for my job! Being out every other night may not go well with a busy summer season coming up! But it was amazing to even interview for it and who knows for next year!

In other news, I’ve also done a few more interviews for my blog, including one with Mark Rolland of Basic Space. And there’ll be another one popping up shortly, with the rather lovely Matthew Parker, Artistic Director of The Hope Theatre. He’ll be directing a new production of Antigone there later this month and having seen The Tempest there last year, I’m looking forward to seeing how the space is adapted. Here’s a little teaser from my interview with Matthew, where he talks about theatre itself:

It’s a little theatre of big ideas. Some may look at that space and think it’s limiting. But it’s not. Our imagination isn’t limited by four walls in a room. It’s about creating a world together, with the actors and the audience.


Location, Location, Location

Quick update on the flat hunt.

We’ve officially started this week and we’ve seen three thus far.

See…I told you it was quick!

None quite right in terms of property requirements or lease. But we’ll get there! So basically, expect property to dominate these Friday Favs for the foreseeable future:

  • Next week- FOUND IT
  • Week after- WE’VE GOT IT
  • Week after that: MOVING DAY
  • Week after that: FLAT WARMING!

…or something like that…

Oh and I intend on using ALL the Friends gifs and puns on moving day!

Source: Boxman


The Big 200

I’m a few months away from a year of Thrifty Theatre, but I’m reaching a few other milestones. I’m only about 20 followers off 800 on Twitter and would really love to boost it to 1000 before this blog’s first year. Little help? 😉

But another milestone is also approaching: 200 posts in this blog. As of writing this, I’m on about 170 so not far to go.

I’m trying to think of some BIG feature to commemorate it. But my fluey brain is not helping!

Any thoughts? What would you like to see me post? An updated favourite shows list? Have a blog revamp? Let me know below!


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