New York Trip Recap (Part I)

New York, New York, it’s a wonderful town.

…even if it has taken me three months to write about my trip…by which point two of the shows I’m talking about have closed!

Last Christmas, Dad and me went to New York as a sort of retirement trip thing. It was so much fun and I thought I’d do a quick recap of where/when/what if New York and then my favourite moments. But then I end up having too much in each section! So I’m doing a day by day recap of everything!



We flew over night and arrived about lunch time in New York at our hotel: the Iroquois. Situated just off Broadway, it’s perfect for first timers in New York. My room was pretty standard, without a view. But as they say: you only spend the time between falling asleep and waking up in your room!

With a few hours until dinner, we started out at Bryant Park. It’s a lovely corner of New York: ice skating in winter, table tennis all year round and a cute selection of artisan shops. For lunch, I grabbed a waffle from Waffles & Dinges. When in New York…! We then headed across to Broadway to pick up show tickets and have a look around. I got way too excited. I was very over exhausted.

We’d booked dinner for the first night at Porter House NYC. Pro: it had lovely views of Central Park. Con: in the day time. And we went at night! But the food was good and the waiters helped us get accustomed to American portion sizes. He warned us that one portion of fries would be enough and indeed it was: I could see it being carried on is own tray across the room!

A quick dash across town and we were back on Broadway for the first show: Spring Awakening. A full review will come next week, but it’s one of my favourite shows and to get to see it live on Broadway. Magical!



I thought my body might try to have a bit of a lie in. But no, woke up at 3am. Then 6am. Jetlag wasn’t too bad though…yet!

We had a quick breakfast in our hotel which was fine. Although the difference between eggs over easy/sunny side up etc. was lost on us! Just say if it’s fried! We then made our way up Broadway towards Central Park, which was our main activity of the day. We made a quick pits top at a coffee shop opposite the Late Night with Colbert building. Red velvet hot chocolate!

Central Park was one of the things I was most excited about seeing in New York. And not just because it’s in Enchanted. And Elf. And The Producers. Basically all my favourite films! It’s beautiful and I thought we’d spend the morning in Central Park and be done after lunch. But there’s so much to see! Christmas Markets greeted us on the way in and in the Park there’s so much to see. I’d recommend doing: the castle, Bethedesa fountain, the zoo and generally just wandering. It’s so beautiful, you can spend hours there. And we did! 6 to be exact! Oh and here’s a tip: DO GET A MAP. Yes they may be a bit overpriced. But you will need it! There are like no signs!

I’d booked lunch months ago at the Boathouse in Central Park. The service was fantastic, even if the food was a tad disappointing. Sliders for a main were decent, but the hot chocolate desert was amazing. Tip: go in Summer and you can go on the boating lake. Although if you go in winter, they do have a boat in use. Not for you though. It’s for a Christmas tree!

We finished off with the South side of the Park and then headed back via 30 Rock. We didn’t go ice skating because 1) we’re rubbish 2) it’s over priced and 3) I REALLY didn’t want to break my leg! But I had a wander through to NBC building and got to see the Friends mural. Even if they didn’t have any Parks and Rec merch.

About 5.00, the jet lag really hit me bad. Dad had been struggling through the day with it, little trooper! We grabbed a quick dinner up the road in a local Italian. And when I say quick I mean quick. We finished so soon we had enough time to head back to the hotel for a nap before the evening show: Something Rotten. Again, the review for that will be up next week. But I wasn’t massively impressed: cast, great; narrative, less so! So I stayed and did stage door after the show and got to meet a few of the cast who were lovely. Plus it was one of the ensembles first night and he came out and we all cheered and got him to sign stuff!

Didn’t realise just how long this would take to write up! So I’m splitting it into 2 blogs. Come back tomorrow for:

  • Ferry Fun
  • Shopping Stories
  • And the best 10 minutes of the trip. Possibly the best 10 minutes of my year. Oh and it involved Hamilton!

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