Friday Favourites: Theatre, Theatre and & MORE Theatre

After the longest week in the world last week, this week has actually gone remarkably quickly. And that’s probably because I’ve been pretty busy with work and shows this week. Next week I actually have a few nights off though, which I not-so-secretly love.

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I feel like I’m in my mid life come mid 20s crisis, where I just want to curl up in bed, watch How to Get Away with Murder and then sleep rather than go out unnecessarily. I say ‘crisis’, I actually have no problem with this whatsoever.

But this week’s been a good kind of busy with late nights at…


Shakespeare (again)

John Light as Leontes. Photo credit: Marc Brenner

Last Friday I saw Rutgers perform A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Globe. Last night I saw Twelfth Night as part of Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank at the Globe. And yesterday I saw The Winter’s Tale at…can you guess…the Globe!

And somehow I’m not totally sick of Shakespeare!

…just kidding. I could never be sick of Shakespeare.

They were all amazing, but The Winter’s Tale was especially good. I read it in the morning, interviewed the actors in the afternoon, and then saw it in the evening. Having never read it before! And it’s shot right up my list of favourite plays. It’s brilliant and it has all this bodily disease stuff which I love and the Globe’s version with the lights and everything is just great!

UPDATE: And as I’ve just written this, I just managed to get tickets to the pretty much sold out run of The Tempest. Another one ticked off the #37Plays365Days list!


‘There’s a million plays I haven’t seen, but just you wait, just you wait…’ 

Onto two other plays I had never seen: Antigone and Doctor Faustus.

I’ve read Antigone once, because I was doing a scene from it with my friend Maddie back in Speech and Drama school days. I remembered there was something about sisters, a body and Greece…maybe! I could not remember! So when I was lucky enough to be invited to see Antigone at the Hope Theatre tonight, I was excited as I rarely see shows where I have no idea what’s going to happen! And it was brilliant: a great retelling and I really am in love with the Hope Theatre space too. I interviewed Matthew Parker, Director of this production and Artistic Director of the theatre itself, before the run and he really summed up the magic of this space: ‘It’s a little thatre of big ideas‘.

Then there’s Doctor Faustus. A play I have neither seen nor read before.

And which I may or may not be seeing three times this year.

Perhaps the most well known production this year is the upcoming Trafalgar Studios version by Jamie Lloyd starting Kit Harrington. Those were the first ones I booked. Then the other day, we shot a trailer for the Globe’s version of Doctor Faustus in original pronunciation. And I loved that! So I booked that. And now I’ve just heard about the RSC’s production starting in two weeks. And why does yet another one appeal to me? Well, I’ll be doing a feature on its unique take next week, but I’ll give a little tease: think Frankenstein.


National Theatre

Source: The National Theatre

Finally, I have some vouchers for the National. Not because I got given them or anything. I just booked something and completely forgot my friend was working that day!

So I’ve now got two Entry Pass tickets to book for a show. I’ve looked at the new season for which booking opens next week, but the only one which stood out to me was The Three Penny Opera. Initially, I wasn’t massively bothered about that, but I’ve just seen that in addition to having Rory Kinnear, it has Simon Stephens adapting Brecht’s original text. All three things which I love! Aside from that, nothing else in the upcoming or even current season doesn’t excite me too much. I’ve already booked what I want to see from the current crop: As You Like It which I’ll be seeing next week, and Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.

The other noteworthy one is Waste. But I could barely get through reading an article about it, let alone see it live. I’m not massively squeamish but some of that stuff…yeah, no.

Has anyone seen/read it and can share some light?


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